How to Travel from Seoul to Busan by Bus

There are other options to travel from Seoul to Busan. While KTX remains the first option that I have often read in other blogs, traveling by bus is cheaper and convenient as well. Continue reading “How to Travel from Seoul to Busan by Bus”

Mr. Dakgalbi Korean Restaurant

While I was planning our autumn trip to Korea last year, I asked some of my friends who usually visit Korea for their recommended Korean dish because I mostly ate street food during my spring trip since I was traveling alone and was always on the go. This time since I am touring friends who have never been to Korea, I want us to experience and try as much authentic Korean food as we can.  One particular friend highly recommended that we try dak galbi when we go to Nami Island, so that’s what we did before we headed to Nami Island Ticket Office.

Dak galbi is a Korean dish which is a combination of stir-fried marinated chicken as well as sliced cabbage, sweet potato, scallions, onions and rice cake on a hot plate.  It is known to have originated in Chuncheon County in Gangwon Province, South Korea. Continue reading “Mr. Dakgalbi Korean Restaurant”

EVENT: Visit Medical Korea Renewal Opening

Visit Medical Korea is going to start off 2016 with an event! The Korea Tourism Organization Tourist Information Center has been reopened to the public.  The Center includes K-Style Hub as well as the newly renovated Medical Tourism Information Center.

Share this event and congratulate them to get a chance to win prizes!  Copy your shared link(s) and upload your comment and your link in the website’s comment section and not on Facebook. To participate, check Visit Medical Korea official website! Good luck to all of us! :-)

Visit Medical Korea Renewal Opening Event
Visit Medical Korea Renewal Opening Event

To know more about medical tourism in Korea, please visit the following:

Visit Medical Korea official website:

Visit Medical Korea Facebook:

Myeongdong Global Hostel in Seoul

For my first trip in Korea last April 2015, I originally booked for one bed in a dormitory room at Zaza Backpackers Hostel one month before my trip through their website and I received a confirmation the following day. To secure my reservation, I was asked to email them twice, 15 days before and 5 days before my check-in date. Upon my arrival, I was informed that I will be staying at Myeongdong Global Hostel which is just one corner apart from Zaza Backpackers. Continue reading “Myeongdong Global Hostel in Seoul”

Goodbye 2015…Hello 2016!

Every year I feel both sadness and excitement as I let go of the past year and welcome the new year. Very thankful for all the blessings from the past year and feeling hopeful that a better year will come.

Happy 2016 everyone! Last year had been great for me and I want to share my 2015 highlights with you! :-)

“Do what you love, and you will find the way to get it out to the world.” – Judy Collins


It is a fact to those who know me too well and those who have been reading this blog for quite some time now that even though I am Filipino by birth and I love the Philippines with all my heart and soul,  I have also fallen in love with Korea for more than a decade now. In 2014, I started and became one of WOW Korea Supporters chosen by Korea Tourism Organization in Manila.  In 2015, I was able to fulfill my ultimate travel goal and that is to visit Korea, not only once but TWICE! A dream come true indeed! :-)

Autumn 2015 Korea LeiTbloomer
Autumn 2015 at Gyeongbokgung Palace

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Autumn in Nami Island

Visiting Nami Island in each different season has been one of my goals when I travel to Korea. The first time I went here was last spring in April 2015. I was alone and it was quite late when I arrived but I was still able to appreciate the beauty of this island and I gained two beautiful friends on my way back to Seoul. This time along with my friends from college, I was able to witness her beauty during autumn. Nami Island is indeed lovelier during this season with yellow, orange and red hues dominating what was once a lush green flora.  For more details on how to go here from Seoul as well as other facilities featured in this half moon-shaped island, I will refer you to my post last April about Nami Island.

For now, let me share with you my most recent trip to Nami Island. My friends and I enjoyed every bit of time we spent here. We circled the island on foot thrice which is something I was not able to do last time I was here. I was also able to see some of the places I missed out last spring.  We took pictures, had coffee in one of the benches underneath the ginkgo trees, talked more about what we have been up to lately and laid on the ground which felt really good, and took MORE pictures…you have been warned!  I hope you will enjoy this and let me know what you think about it :-)

Autumn in Nami Island LeiTbloomer
Entry Visa to Nami Island

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The 2nd Seoul Kimchi Festival

Kimchi is undeniably a staple in Korean cuisine because no meal is complete without it as it is one of the main side dish which identifies the uniqueness of Korean food among others. It was not love at first bite for me years ago when I got curious by how it tasted through the various Korean television dramas I have watched, but I have grown to love kimchi through the years. For me, eating my favorite gogi mandu (dumpling) and kimbap (seaweed rice roll) taste better with kimchi.

I will call it luck that our autumn trip last November was scheduled just in time with not only one but two important cultural events for Koreans especially Seoulites.  We were able to attend the Seoul Lantern Festival 2015 on its first night on November 6 and the 2nd Seoul Kimchi Festival on its second day on November 7.

Seoul Kimchi Festival_LeiTbloomer_1
The 2nd Seoul Kimchi Festival

At Gwanghwamun Square, there was a kimchi-making exhibit which also displays all the various ingredients for different types of kimchi as well as clay jars of different sizes that can get as tall as a grown man that I even had to ask our guide twice just to make sure I heard it correctly. I just cannot imagine how many kilos of kimchi they can keep in such a huge jar!

Seoul Kimchi Festival_LeiTbloomer_2
Kimchi-making exhibit

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Seoul Lantern Festival 2015

It was my second time in Seoul and my first time touring my friends  in my happy place, the country which I would always want to go back to…South Korea. We were very fortunate that our travel dates coincided with the 2015 Seoul Lantern Festival so I took this as an opportunity to introduce to them one of the many colorful festivities which characterizes Korean culture.

The Seoul Lantern Festival started in 2009 for the Visit Korea Year and since then, it has been one of the major events in the city. Last year, the theme was “Shining World Heritage of Seoul.”  The theme for this year’s festival is “Illuminated Seoul Tour,” which features Seoul’s main tourist attractions such as Bukchon Hanok Village, Gwangjang Market and Jongmyo Shrine. Approximately 600 lanterns are on display along the stream which spans about 1.2 kilometers from Cheonggye Plaza to Supyogyo Bridge.

I was very glad that my friends are very open to my suggested itinerary so despite being tired from our almost 5-hour bus trip from Busan and despite the rainy weather, we still headed to the venue at Cheonggyecheon Stream to witness the event on its first night on November 6, 2015.

It was also my first time to see Cheonggyecheon Stream at night and if only it was not raining at that time and freezing cold, I would have loved to sit by the stream to just relax and enjoy the view of the beautifully crafted lanterns.

Seoul Lantern Festival 2015_LeiTbloomer_1 of 13
Cheonggyecheon Stream
Seoul Lantern Festival 2015_LeiTbloomer_2 of 13
LED tunnel at Cheonggyecheon Stream

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Feeling Lucky: Visit Medical Korea New Members Event

Medical Tourism is being actively promoted to encourage foreigners to get their medical treatment in South Korea which includes cosmetic surgery and skin care, medical screening, traditional Korean medicine, wellness and other medical services.

A month ago, I posted about Visit Medical Korea New Members Event. I followed them on Facebook, shared the contest’s details on my SNS accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+) and signed up for membership.  I was not really expecting anything but after a few days, I received an email that I won the special prize JYJ autographed CD! I replied immediately and waited for the package to be sent to me. Waiting is such an agony especially when you are excited, right? Last Saturday I finally received it! Yehey!!!

The package comes with pamphlets of Visit Medical Korea
The package comes with pamphlets of Visit Medical Korea

JYJ is a South Korean pop group consisting of Jaejoong,Yuchun, and Junsu. I have listened to some of their songs as TVXQ because I have friends who are a big fan of them and I have watched the TV dramas and movies they were part of, mostly of Yuchun (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Rooftop Prince, Missing You) and Jaejoong (SPY, Jackal is Coming). Continue reading “Feeling Lucky: Visit Medical Korea New Members Event”

Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower

I stayed in Myeongdong area for the whole duration of my trip but I only decided to visit Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower on my last day.  Instead of trying to fit in my itinerary other tourist spots in Seoul that I have not visited yet, I opted to explore these famous landmarks. I followed the detailed directions posted on the wall near the stairs on our hostel. Though the road was steep and it did made me a little breathless, the view was worth it. It was so close to our hostel, I regret not having my early morning walk here.

P1170864 Continue reading “Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower”