“Between Us” CNBLUE Asia Tour 2017

CNBLUE just recently released their Between Us Tour poster today in their official Facebook page. They will be having an Asia Tour from July to September 2017!

They will be having a concert tour on the following countries: Singapore (July 1), Manila (July 8 ), Jakarta (July 15), Bangkok (August 13), Hong Kong (August 19-20) and Taipei (September 30). Continue reading ““Between Us” CNBLUE Asia Tour 2017″


CNBLUE Jong Hyun’s Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe

Part of my one-day K-Pop tour is to visit celebrity-owned restaurants. Since CNBLUE is one of my favorite K-pop band, Hwang’s Eel Restaurant which is owned by Min Hyuk’s father and Jong Hyun’s Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe are on top of my priority list. After I went to K-Star Road and Korean Entertainment agencies (Cube, JYP, FNC and SM) in Apgujeong and Cheongdamdong in Gangnam, I went to Jong Hyun’s Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe to celebrate my successful K-Pop tour and to have my very first bingsu as well! Continue reading “CNBLUE Jong Hyun’s Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe”

CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour in Manila

June 15, 2014 marks the first year anniversary of CNBLUE’s Blue Moon Tour in Manila.  Last year, on the first day of selling tickets for this concert, I went to SM Makati really early, as soon as the mall’s ticketing office was opened, but there were other fans when I arrived and I was not the first in line tsk tsk…

Some fans took too long to choose their seats so after almost an hour of waiting, I asked my friend to book our tickets online while still waiting for my turn because I wanted to make sure my friends and I will have the seats that we wanted to get the best view of the boys.   Online booking was successful and so I had to abandon the line that was taking almost forever to reach the counter.

However, my close friend from college is having her wedding the same day, what should  I do?!  This is one of the biggest dilemma I have faced since I became a K-Pop fan tsk tsk…Of course I need to attend the wedding if I wanted to keep our friendship intact, but I have to attend the concert too because this happens once in a blue moon!  The wedding will be in Nasugbu, Batangas at 3 p.m. and the concert will be in Manila at 8 p.m.  You think that will be enough time, right? If you live in the Philippines where traffic is part of daily life, you will know that the answer will be, NO.  After watching my beautiful friend exchanged “I do’s” with her long-time boyfriend, I hurriedly changed my dress into a more comfortable navy blue tank top and a pair of jeans, and started my tedious commute back to Manila.

The concert had already started when I arrived but I was able to watch the Intro, so I made it!!!  Yehey!!!   I was able to tolerate the long bus ride with the air conditioner in full blast while listening and singing along to CNBLUE’s songs in between chattering teeth, I was able to tolerate the “skinship” with other commuters in MRT, and  I was able to tolerate my growling stomach because my last decent meal for that day was at 9 a.m.  Omo! Yong Hwa, Jong Hyun, Min Hyuk and Jung Shin are performing in front of us now!  What I had been through was all worth it haha! ^_^

Yong Hwa
Yong Hwa
Min Hyuk
Min Hyuk
Jung Shin
Jung Shin
Jong Hyun
Jong Hyun

Aside from the good-looking and talented Yong Hwa, Jong Hyun, Min Hyuk and Jung Shin,  the stage design was superbly awesome, with the lights and everything!

CNBLUE Blue Moon Stage
CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour Stage

I love how the stage looked while they were singing In My Head.

CNBLUE performed their hit songs which included Hey You, In My Head, Wake Up, Man Like Me, Love Light, Love Girl, You’ve Fallen for Me, and Coffee Shop.

The other members even made an effort to say a few Filipino sentences.  They informed the fans that it was Yong Hwa’s birthday and asked us to sing along with them. Yong Hwa was clueless about everything and just went along and listened to them. Jong Hyun pronounced and enunciated the words really well even if he was just reading the notes, while Jung Shin and Min Hyuk were really cute even though they were struggling and mispronouncing some of the words.

Here is the corrected dialogue of the boys:

Min Hyuk:  Ngayon Sabado ay espesyal na araw para sa isa naming kamyembro.  Wag nyong sabihin yun pangalan. Okay?!  (Today is a special day for one of our members.  Do not mention his name, okay?!).

Jung Shin: Hindi nga. Alam kong alam nyo ang sinasabi namin. Kantahan natin sya? (You know what we are talking about. Let’s sing a song for him).

Jong Hyun:  Kantahin natin yun sabay sabay (Let’s sing together).

Yong Hwa was clueless even until the crowd started singing a birthday song for him.   Jung Shin explained everything to Yong Hwa in Korean and then Min Hyuk repeated everything that he said, aww Min Hyuk is soooo cute!  Yong Hwa thanked the fans and even gave an awkward but cute bow.

They also shared their experiences while in Manila.  Min Hyuk said he loves lechon.  He said he saw the jeepney and he likes it. The fans were delighted and screaming in between giggles while he was speaking.

A few unforgettable moments aside from CNBLUE speaking Filipino is the part of the concert where Yong Hwa made a funny mistake in his adlib song.  Instead of saying Philippines, he accidentally said Singapore. The fans were forgiving as he was so cute being caught off guard.  We still love you Yong Hwa! :-)

The concert ended but we still want more. My friends and I had fan girl moments overnight, we tried guessing which places the boys will go to after the concert and followed them there. Since we were newbies, we were just only able to catch a glimpse of them while inside their van after they ate at K-Pub.  We even stayed up overnight and waited until they arrived at NAIA to see them before they leave. We love the boys, and we cannot get enough of them ^_^

My friends and I have been through a lot just to see these talented artists perform live and see them again before they go back to Korea.  We made new friends, bonded with old friends, tried and experienced new things which we did not expect we would be willing to go through…In the end, it was all worth it.  Hope they will include the Philippines in one of their upcoming tours again ^_^