About Lei T.

Lei T. is a late bloomer, a fan girl, a budget traveler, and a chocoholic.

Late bloomer. There are downsides of course, yet she relishes the fact that being one means she will continuously learn and become a better person in the process.

Fan girl.  She will usually stay up late to watch the latest episodes of K-Dramas.  She will squeal like a teenager with the sight of her favorite K-Pop artists performing even if it is just on YouTube.  She loves Korean food and is very much interested in Korean language and culture. As one of the 2014 and 2017 Wow Korea Supporters chosen by Korea Tourism Organization  (Manila Office) and K-Pop Channel TV Global Correspondent, she will  continuously promote Korea’s tourism and share what she loves about Korea (K-Food, K-Travel, K-Culture, K-Pop, K-Drama and K-Beauty).

Budget traveler.  She does not fancy designer bags nor does she feel she has to keep up with the latest fashion. Her heart races more whenever she finds seat sale from budget airlines and her eyes lit up with excitement as she anticipates and plans her upcoming trips. Guesthouse or capsule hostel, street food, night market and public transportation are the norm for her whenever she travels in and out of the country, and interacting with the locals is as interesting for her as discovering a new place. She adapts The Poor Traveler‘s motto: “Seeing the world should not cost you the world.”

Chocoholic. She has an on-and-off relationship with dieting as she will eat chocolates or anything sweet to her heart’s content.  She does sometimes feel guilty after eating, but she will recover as fast as the following meal with a tiny bar of Hany or ChocNut.  She even plans to name her pet, Samba or Choco, if ever she decides on having one in the future.

LeiTbloomer will still be a work in progress.  Lei T. will definitely have her late bloomer moments of being technologically challenged, but she will learn to overcome it.  Please be patient as she goes through this process.  Soon, she will share her random thoughts, her personal insights as well as her love for traveling, food and K-wave, or anything that tickles her fancy through this site as well as the following:  Facebook   |   Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Google+  |   YouTube.


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