BTS Wings Tour in Manila Concert Diary

The 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III ‘The Wings Tour’ successfully ended the two-day concert this weekend here in Manila, Philippines. The buzz still has yet to subside from this highly anticipated concert. It has been a few days already but I still watch my fan videos over and over again and been listening to my Wings Tour playlist the whole day continuously!

BTS, who is also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, which means Bulletproof Boy Scouts, is a South Korean seven-member boy band who debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. The members include Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V and Jungkook. To satiate their overwhelming popularity and wide-based following here in the Philippines, Big Hit Entertainment together with Pulp Live World, organized a two-day concert on May 6 and 7!

It was a struggle to get tickets during the first selling date as the tickets were sold out within hours and even the ticketing website crashed due to massive demands for the tickets. Since this had always been the case for all their past concerts here, this prompted the concert producers to release more tickets to accommodate more fans!


Fans, even those who were not able to get the tickets, went to the Mall of Asia Arena as early as 6 a.m., hoping to get a glimpse of their idols or at least hear the concert even from outside. The crowd was energetic despite the immense summer heat outside the venue. They patiently lined up and followed the instructions of the ushers and organizers.

I really appreciate how nice the fans were when we interviewed them for K-PopChannel.TV Facebook Live before and after the concert. They are very friendly and accommodating! Those who were able to attend were still so hyped that they willingly re-enact the dance and songs performed by BTS when we asked them! Some who were not able to get tickets, still waited until the concert finished. When we interviewed them and asked them to have a video message for BTS, some got teary-eyed and that scene tugged the corners of my fangirl heart. I feel for you guys! I got frustrated too when I did not get my ticket for the concert initially because the website crashed!

Official merchandises were being sold out and even unofficial ones as well as giveaways were being offered to fans while they waited for the concert to begin. They even posed for pictures with their handmade BTS merchandise!

There are also standees of BTS which fans lined up to so they can take a selfie with their favorite member! I was busy taking videos and pictures and so haggard-looking so I was not even able to have a picture with the standees, oh well haha!

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It was my first time to watch BTS although this is their fourth time here in the Philippines (including the MBC Music Show Champion Concert). As of this moment, I am still absorbing what happened before, during and after the BTS Wings Tour in Manila Day 1 concert last Saturday.

It still feels surreal that I was able to watch them live and until now I am still processing everything and I feel like I am just an outsider looking in, while most would have been probably spazzing right now! It was just too much to take in!

Music videos were shown before the concert started as the fans sang along with them, even shrieking at the top of their lungs whenever their favorite member appears on the screen.

The first VCR was shown, garnering more screams from the crowd as they anticipate all the members to appear on stage. The concert started with BTS powerfully performing ‘Not Today’ from their second full-length studio album, Wings, which accumulated 20 million views within a few days upon the release of its music video! W-O-W!!!

Each member introduced themselves in English and even chatted with fans for a while before continuing with the concert. Suga even pointed out how they are aware that each of their concerts in the country was sold out! It couldn’t be more apparent how much they are loved by the PH Army (BTS Filipino fans), don’t you think?!

J-Hope: Do you miss BTS?! Of course, we really miss you a lot!


They continued with “Am I Wrong,” “Baepsae,” “Dope” followed by solo performances! The stage layout and design as well as their costumes did not outshine them. Instead, these highlighted what the talented members worked hard for and what the fans have been looking forward to: Impressive rapping skills, elaborate footwork, amazing vocals and impressive dance moves!

My favorite stage set-up was Jin’s “Awake” wherein he is accompanied by a group of violinist. The individual platform slowly rises with feather graphics on the background setting the mood of the song. I also enjoyed J-Hope’s “MAMA” with its danceable and cheerful vibe to it while a couple of his childhood pictures were shown on the LED screen.

The second part started with “Cypher” followed by the immensely popular and crowd favorite “Fire.”

As the concert progressed, they performed more of their hit songs “N.O” “No More Dream,” “Boy in Luv,” “Danger,” “RUN,” “Blood, Sweat & Tears.”

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TAGALOG 101 with BTS

The members took time to learn to communicate with their Filipino fans in Tagalog which made the fans even happier! Looks like they learned a lot during their almost one week-stay here in the Philippines!

They are not only talented and charming, but also truly lovable! We can’t help but smile and turn to each other as each of them tries their best to speak Tagalog. They are so far the best Korean group I have encountered to speak so well and so many Tagalog words! I was deeply touched by their effort!

“Nagenjoy ba kayong lahat? Lahat ay sumigaw! Mga nasa kaliwa, sigaw tayo! Mga nasa kanan, sigaw tayo! Lahat tayo sumigaw!”

Did you all have fun? Let’s all scream! Those on the left, scream! Those on the right, scream! Let’s all scream!

Jimin: Masaya akong bumalik sa Manila. Natouch ako sa inyong pagmamahal. Mamimiss ko kayo. Salamat.

I’m glad to be back in Manila. I am deeply touched by the love you have shown us. I will miss you all. Thank you!

Suga: Kayo ang nagbigay ng magandang alaala ng Manila. Salamat sa pagbigay ng magandang alaala ulit.

You gave us beautiful memories here in Manila. Thank you for all the beautiful memories.

Rap Monster: Army namiss nyo ba kami? Salamat sa pagpunta. Magkita tayo muli. Salamat.

Did you miss us? Thank you for coming. Let’s see each other again. Thank you!

J-Hope: Mahal kong mga Philippine Army. Kayo ang aming wings. Lumilipad ako dahil sa inyo. Lumilipad tayo ng buong lakas. Kayo ang aming pakpak. Pakpak!

My beloved Philippine Army! You are our wings! You make us fly!

V: Ang bilis ng oras. Sana di pa tapos itong concert, kayo din ba? Kayo din ba? Maraming salamat sa pagpunta. Mahal ko kayo!

Time went by so fast. I hope this concert does not have to end. Do you feel the same way? Thank you very much for coming. I love you all!

JungKook: Gusto ko madalas tayo magkita. Wag nyo kalimutan na palagi tayong magkasama kahit magkahiwalay tayo. Maraming salamat…. Mahal ko kayo!

I want to see you more frequently. Do not forget that we will always be there for each other even if we are apart. Thank you very much. I love you!

Jin: Masaya ako nakasama ko ang Army. Mahal ko kayo!

I am glad to be with our Filipino Army. I love you!

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The last VCR prompted a lot of reaction from the Filipino fans as the captions were in Tagalog! It was translated literally and in a manner that is uhm…”google translate” quality haha! Nevertheless, we still found it amusing, making us enjoy the last part of the concert even more as they performed “Outro: Wings,” “2!3! Hoping for More Good Days,” and “Spring Day” which is my personal favorite aside from “Fire.”

It was really a momentous event for everyone.  The Mall of Asia Arena was filled with enthusiastic fans who sang along with each performances. In a span of more than two hours, the most awaited concert ended swiftly.

BTS is truly worth the blood, sweat and tears of the fans.

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Just as what V said, we really wanted to not let the concert end. But as Jungkook said, we will not forget them even if we are apart. And yes, Rap Monster, we will still see each other again!

There will be more memories between BTS and us, their ARMYs!  Thank you for coming to Manila again!

Thank you Ms. Happee of Pulp Live World for making it possible to have BTS once again, you truly live up to your name and you always make a lot of Filipino fans happy! Thank you K-Pop Channel.TV for the opportunity to help cover this event!

*Original article posted at K-Pop Channel.TV: BTS Wings Tour in Manila Concert Diary

For more BTS Wings Tour Concert fan videos, please check out my YouTube channel, I will be uploading more soon!


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