Wellness Destinations in Korea

Aside from K-Pop, K-Dramas, K-Food, K-fashion, K-beauty which includes cosmetic surgery, Korea is also known as a country rich in history, culture and tradition.  Korea has embraced modernity yet its identity remained intact. Have you noticed the stark contrast of the palaces, hanok villages and mountains compared to the high rise buildings in Seoul? Same is true with Koreans’ approach to health and wellness. While they have one of the best yet affordable medical technology, traditional oriental medicine is still widely practiced through the use of natural treatment methods.  

Medical tourism in Korea has been actively promoted worldwide. Medical tour packages have been well thought and planned to suit the needs of various patients. A few days ago, Visit Medical Korea Wellness Event was launched featuring seven wellness destinations in Korea.


Cheongkwanjang Spa G offers a spa program which features the Korean red ginseng for deep detoxification.  Tea Therapy is a tea salon where you can enjoy your therapeutic tea made of medicinal herbs while having a foot spa. Yakdabang Bomdong is a traditional tea salon managed by a traditional clinic wherein you can have customized medicinal tea, foot spa, and even have a consultation with their traditional doctors. Sulwhasoo Flagship Store is a relaxing place where guests can try out and purchase their cosmetic products as well as have a full body spa and massage.


Centum Spa Land has 18 themed spa with bathtubs and sauna. Here you can relax with your family while enjoying the view of the river and park situated nearby. Cimer Ocean Spa, Paradise Hotel overlooking Haeundae Beach is famous for its odorless, colorless, and weak alkaline hot spring of seawater which is great for the skin.


Cheongna Sparex features outdoor pool, sauna, hot springs and earthenware tubs.

Among the seven wellness destinations mentioned above, I chose Cimer Ocean Spa, Paradise Hotel in Busan. I have been to Busan once and I have observed that it has a more laid-back feel compared to the fast-paced lifestyle in Seoul. I was able to appreciate how fresh the food there and how pleasant it is to walk around and explore the various tourist spots in Busan while overlooking the beach. I think this place is a great destination to relax with family and friends while enjoying the view of Haeundae Beach.  Their famous alkaline hot spring seawater has great benefits to the skin which is a perfect way to sooth, heal and calm the skin the natural way.

I will be back in Korea in a few months with my friends from the Philippines and we might try one of these wellness destinations too! This will be a great way to explore other side of Korea and try a new experience during our trip to Seoul and Busan.

How about you? Which among the seven wellness destinations would you choose? There are still a few more days left to participate in Visit Medical Korea Wellness Event, don’t miss it out! Scroll down for more details! Good luck!

Visit Medical Korea Wellness Event_3Visit Medical Korea Wellness Event_4

How to Participate:

  • Step 1. Go to the event website.
  • Step 2. Select one from the seven wellness destinations in Korea recommended by Visit Medical Korea (VMK), and share the reasons why you would like to visit that particular destination. (*Make sure to indicate the country of your current residence.)
  • Step 3. Share the news of the event and the reasons with your friends on social media.
  • Step 4. Wait until the results are announced.

Check out the following links for more details:



*Image Source: Visit Medical Korea


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