Philippine K-Pop Convention 8

Philippine K-Pop Convention is one of the biggest event of the year for Filipino K-Pop fans. I had a great time when I first attended this event three years ago where Lunafly, LC9, A.cian and Boyfriend were the main guests. I enjoyed fangirling over Lunafly and since then, their songs and cover songs have been a part of my mp3 playlist. It was also fun to check out the booths of each local fan clubs where they sell various merchandises and albums.  I skipped joining this event for two years because I felt too old already haha! However, when we were tasked to cover this event as global correspondents for KPopChannel.TV  I was able to find an excuse to attend this event again!

KPop Convention 8_LeiTbloomer
Thank you KPop Channel TV for this opportunity to cover K-Pop Convention 8!

It was a raining heavily that day but the venue was full of K-Pop fans. It was hard to get to the main stage area so I had to squeeze and push myself to get in front. When I arrived, the dance battle was about to start. The crowd was full of energy as they cheered whenever each dance group does a dance cover for their biases, which kind of affected me in a positive way that I felt livelier that time too haha! Dance Mover Crew were able to retain their spot this year again as the champion for this competition.


2015 and 2016 Dance Battle Champion is Dance Mover Crew

Dasuri Choi was also one of the judges and during one of her talks, she said that facial expression plays a big role in portraying every dance move.  When the crowd requested for her to dance, she accepted the challenge and wowed us with her dancing skills!


The 8th Philippine KPop Awards was up next. Here are the winners for each category:  Twice – Best Female Group, BTS – Best Male Group, Taeyeon of Girls Generation – Best Female Artist, and Woo Hyun of Infinite – Best Male Artist.

The K-Pop Idol Look-A-Like Award followed and they had a newspaper dance with some of the attendees. I must admit they can really pass up as Rain, Krystal of f(x), Heechul of Super Junior and Park Bom  of 2NE1…well most especially Lewi as the younger version of Rain!

Philippine K-Pop Convention Idol Look-A-Like winners: Lewi as Rain, Euniess as Krystal of F(x), Christian as Heechul of Super Junior and Haruka as Bom of 2NE1.
Bom observing her partner during the newspaper dance game.
Heechul look-a-like posing for our camera! I don’t know why he keeps on posing with Ajino-moto seasoning!
Look-a-like of Park Bom (2NE1). I know Blackjacks, we really miss her!!!
If you are face-to-face with Rain, what would you do? Guess you can’t help but have this look too, right?
If Rain would take off his shirt in front of you, how would you react? I might not be able to take my eyes off him haha!

Another highlight of the event was when Offroad, a 5-member boy band from South Korea consisting of Daewon, Habin, Rio, Kino and Harang went onstage and performed. They recently had a month-long stay here last October for promotions and went back this month to attend events.

Offroad (L-R is Harang, Rio, Kino, Habin and Daewon)
Rio – Main Vocal
Kino – Vocal, Rapper
Harang – Vocal
Habin – Main Dancer
Daewon – Vocal, Leader and my bias haha!!! ^_^
Habin and Harang are so cute together!
Daewon posing for fans’ cameras! This pretty boy is an MMA athlete and had been participating in several competitions.  He had also completed his military service already.

They also played games with their fans and were very friendly and nice enough to do selfies with them too. I must admit that Daewon caught my attention and that I found myself looking at his direction most of the time haha…new bias alert!!!

Fans trying to catch the ball that each member of Offroad had thrown so they can play a game with them!
Offroad during Guess the member game. This time, the fan needs to familiarize herself with Harang’s knee before she gets blindfolded.
Lucky fan, she touched Daewon’s chest! Haha! ^_^
Daewon and Harang was taken by surprise when the fan guessed the member correctly!
Harang trying to figure out how he can act out a lion during a guessing game with a fan.
Based on this fan’s look, I think she is having a hard time figuring out what Rio was trying to act out :)

During one of my restroom breaks, I also did a U-turn to check out K-Pop merchandises. I must say it is heaven for avid collectors who wants shirts, socks, PVC mini standees, bag tags, magazines, etc.


K-Pop Convention 8 winners

Thank you Philippine K-Pop Convention Inc. (PKCI) for this annual event, you made a lot of K-Pop fans ecstatic despite the gloomy weather! Not only did we have fun, we were also able to participate in raising funds for Gawad Kalinga & PAWS.  Also noteworthy to mention for their contribution are the major sponsors of this year’s event: Migme, ShowBT Philippines, Viu Philippines. See you all again next year! :-)


2 thoughts on “Philippine K-Pop Convention 8

    1. Hi Amandaj19! Yes, I did not expect much from this event, but surprisingly I had so much fun! This is an annual event so maybe you will be able to attend K-fest 2017 in your country too :-)


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