My Happiest Memory in Seoul

I have been to South Korea three times since 2015 and every trip is memorable because I have always had new experiences each time. Seoul will always be my happy place so wherever I go, whoever I’m with and whatever I do, I will  always be happy just by being there but if I were to choose only one, my happiest memory in Seoul so far was the time I spent with CNBLUE where my friends and I have experienced our best fangirling moments for almost 24 hours with our favorite Korean band!

I have met and heard stories about fellow fangirls who would fly to Korea or anywhere else in the world just to watch the concerts and participate in fan meeting of their favorite K-Pop idols. Unfortunately, that would also equate to spending a lot of money so it was through sheer luck that our travel dates, which we have meticulously planned a couple of months ahead, coincided with the promotion of CNBLUE’s latest album, Blueming. We were able to attend their recording for music shows such as MNET M! Countdown and SBS Inkigayo and we were also able to participate in their mini fan meeting for FREE!!!

I have studied Korean language before but my skills are not good enough for me to understand the registration instructions provided in the website. Since we were not able to register online, we took our chance and went to CJ E&M Building very early. We were clueless so we waited and just observed. Before the music show recording, my friends and I were approached and invited by the producer of MNET America for KCON LA to participate in a question and answer video for CNBLUE. We felt like a celebrity for a moment and it was the closest thing to a real conversation we could ever have at that time with CNBLUE. We were so ecstatic to get a chance to be in a video with CNBLUE members and represent Filipino Boices in our behalf.

For the official on the spot Q&A video with CNBLUE produced by MNET America, you may want to check out KCON TV on YouTube. Both of my questions were answered by Jong Hyun! ^_^

Prerecorded video for MNET America KCON LA
Prerecorded video for CNBLUE Q&A on Spot for MNET America KCON LA

During the long hours of waiting outside CJ E&M Building, we also made friends and interacted with other international fans from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore. They are all very friendly and I still keep in close contact with them presently.

With fellow Boices  inside CJ E&M Building while waiting for M! Countdown recording
With fellow Boices from Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Philippines inside CJ E&M Building while waiting for M! Countdown recording

We also had the chance to interact with Yong Hwa, Jong Hyun, Min Hyuk and Jung Shin in between recording breaks! They are so nice to us even though they have been recording since early morning and must have been so tired as well. They made it a point to show their appreciation on our efforts to stay with them all throughout the day until the break of dawn while lining up outside the SBS Prism Tower on a very cold spring night in Korea. Yong Hwa made eye contact and waved to any fan he was able to talk to. Jong Hyun would awkwardly do the heart finger to his fans’ delight. Min Hyuk would just quietly smile and wave politely at us. Jung Shin would playfully move his lanky body from time to time and dance for us, so cute!

I am so thankful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a few hours with CNBLUE and it would be forever etched in my fangirl heart as my happiest memory in Seoul!

Have you had similar experience as we did?  Happiness comes in different packages, and I marvel even with the smallest and simplest things especially if it concerns something that I am really interested in.  What is your Happiest Memory in Seoul? Feel free to share it with us!


4 thoughts on “My Happiest Memory in Seoul

  1. Oh my God. I’m soooo haaaappy to find your website. As a boice for 5 years, i really envy you.
    I can imagine how you were happy and excited to see CNBLUE’s members .From now on i will be one of your reader. I’m so excited to find a Boice. I hope we can interact each other more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anyeong Elham!!! Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will continue to support my blog :-) Yes, I am so happy, excited, ecstatic and I consider this experience as one of the best fangirling moments I have ever had with CNBLUE. The best thing about this is it was FREE!!! You may also check out my other blog post about CNBLUE in this blog, my facebook and instagram. For my fan videos about CNBLUE, you may check out my youtube channel too! Yes, I would love to interact with you and other Boice too. Let us continue supporting CNBLUE ^_^


      1. Thanks for this blog, really informative. A question. I am confused about Digital Media City and JYP, SBS, etc. Is Digital Media like an area where you find all theses entertainment places? I’ll visiting Korea for a month in May 2017, and I’d love to visit places where I could meet some singers, actors, or bands! Thanks for your answer.


      2. Hello Juanita! Digital Media City is located in Sangam-dong where you will find different network stations like CJ E&M, SBS, MBC and YTN. If you want to visit KBS, it is in Yeouido. Different entertainment agencies like JYP, Cube, FNC and SM are found in Cheongdamdong in Gangnam. YG Entertainment is in Hapjeong near Hongdae. Hope I was able to answer your question, enjoy your trip in May :-)


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