CNBLUE Blueming at SBS Inkigayo

We were so high from our close encounter with CNBLUE during their comeback stage for MNET M! Countdown and mini fan meeting so we decided that we will take another risk and see if we can get another chance to watch their recording for SBS Inkigayo which was scheduled that night.

Immediately after CNBLUE’s mini fan meeting, we went directly to SBS Prism Tower which is just walking distance from CJ E&M Building. We really do not know what was bound to happen or what were the requirements, we just patiently waited and prayed that another luck would befall on us.

After a few hours, the same FNC staffs who had the checklist of official members who registered online instructed us to line up. It was hard to communicate because they were talking in Korean even though majority of the fans are foreigners. We heaved a sigh of relief when they checked the numbers written on our wrists. They crossed out the previous numbers which we had from M! Countdown and wrote new numbers on our wrists for the SBS Inkigayo recording.  We’re in!  ^_^

SBS Prism Tower
SBS Prism Tower


It was past 9 pm when they let us in. I was awestruck at how the SBS Inkigayo studio and stage look like. No wonder they produce one of the best music shows in Korea!  I wanted to be on Yong Hwa’s side so I stayed in front but there were limited slots so I was forced to move to another side and I was separated from my friends. I was moved between Jung Shin and Min Hyuk’s side, but I was closer to Min Hyuk’s side. I’m not complaining though!  Honestly, it was really hard to do fan cams during their concerts because I can’t focus on just one member (check out my You Tube channel)!  I love all of them haha! I told myself, I will just enjoy and embed each moment in my memory since we were forbidden to take pictures and videos during the recording.

Min Hyuk’s Eyes Smile

I was just below Min Hyuk’s side so he can spot me easily. I waved nonstop at him silently until he waved back at me which happened more than once. Aww such a sweet nice guy he is! They got ready for the first recording and the side of the stage where they were at moved outward from the center. WOW!!! I followed Min Hyuk’s mini stage and stayed there as I stared and tried to memorize the outline of his facial features. Ahhh.. it was hard though because I was so giddy watching him so closely! He would break into a tiny smile from time to time as he played the drums and move his face towards his microphone as he sings. He has the sweetest smile ever! ^_^

CNBLUE Blueming Stage at SBS Inkigayo
CNBLUE Blueming Stage at SBS Inkigayo. Can you see Min Hyuk’s drum set? ^_^

Jung Shin Chingu

In between recording, fans would talk to them. How I wish I can speak Korean fluently so I can converse with them! Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun would turn around and wave to other fans who were at the opposite end of the stage. Min Hyuk would just quietly smile and wave politely at us. Jung Shin would playfully move his lanky body from time to time and dance which never failed to amuse and make us laugh.  He is not a good dancer but he is definitely sooo adorable! A truly endearing maknae! My friend tried to get his attention by calling him “Jung Shin chingu!” (chingu means friend in Korean) which garnered a couple of laughs from our fellow fan girls too! 


The moving stage was indeed amazing.  However, while Jung Shin and Min Hyuk were chatting near Min Hyuk’s side of the stage during one of the breaks in between recording, the stage floor parted and moved outward without warning. Min Hyuk almost fell but he was able to regain his balance and skip to his mini stage. Jung Shin was obviously not pleased about it but Min Hyuk played it cool as if nothing happened.  All of us who saw the incident were alarmed. It could have been worse and he could have injured himself.

Candy Moments

One time, the girl in front of me tried to give Min Hyuk a candy. He cannot reach it because he was sitting in front of his drum set so the fan threw the candy on the stage. He bent backward, turned sideways and used his drumstick to reach for the candy and placed it in his pocket. There was another time before they leave the stage when a fan threw a lollipop for him and he was able to catch it, so manly!!! If that came from me, I would have smiled from ear to ear upon seeing his effort to receive it!

I tried my luck with Jung Shin and after a couple of attempts, I was able to get his attention. Since they were about to start recording, Jung Shin told me while shaking his head slightly (and regretfully?) that he cannot eat at that moment yet. I got rejected but at least I got to talk to him haha! That’s worth the rejection, right?!

Yong Hwa Choding and Reserved Jong Hyun 

After recording three times, they rearranged the stage on our side so we were instructed to move out. As we were moving out, some of us were redirected to the front of the stage where Jong Hyun and Yong Hwa’s side of the stage was. Some fans also followed us but were instructed to move elsewhere. My new friend from Nagoya who is a fan of Jong Hyun was with me the whole time and we were ecstatic that we finally get to see our biases much closer!

One Korean fan asked Yong Hwa, “Oppa, why are you so good looking?” and he just smiled and mumbled something. He made eye contact to any fan that he was able to talk to. He even did a robotic dance while joking around. The flying camera which roams overhead around the studio passed by him and he avoided it in a very exaggerated way, Yong Hwa choding is so cute haha! There was also a time when he flicked his hand elegantly and acted like a royalty (to match his white floral suit) while he was being hand-assisted by one of the studio staff to go down the stage. Aww Yong Hwa, your fan service is truly excellent! How can I not fall for you over and over again?! ^_^

I shifted my gaze from time to time on Jong Hyun. Unlike the other members who are more outgoing and always smiling, he is more quiet. He must have been tired because they have been recording early in the morning and it was almost midnight already. His fans would send him heart finger and he would make face and ask them why they do that, but then he would give in and awkwardly do the heart finger too haha! Thank you for the effort Jong Hyun, I am sure you made a lot of hearts flutter while you did the finger heart including my friend!

Here is the first video they recorded for SBS Inkigayo for their Comeback Special on April 10, 2016 which we were very fortunate to be a part of:

Twice the Fun

Yes, there is another video that they recorded that night for Inkigayo! Lucky day for us indeed! ^_^

The first video finished around midnight. We were told there is another recording for a second video so we decided to stay and make the most out of it while luck is pouring our way. We went to a cafe down the street to keep us warm because it was so cold outside while we were waiting in line. We went back to SBS Prism Tower at around 2 a.m. and was glad we were allowed to wait inside.

LeiTbloomer in SBS Prism Tower
With my friend while waiting inside the SBS Prism Tower on April 8, 2016 at 2 am

After a while, the FNC staffs appeared and instructed us to line up again. It was hard to wait outside especially since it was below 10 degrees that night, we lack sleep, we were tired from standing and lining up for a few hours throughout the day and we haven’t had a decent dinner yet, but we patiently waited.  The staffs checked the numbers on our wrists and crossed them out and wrote new numbers again.

Wrist numbers for SBS Inkigayo
Wrist numbers for SBS Inkigayo

For this recording, instead of standing in front of the stage, we were seated. The stage still look great from afar. I was reluctant to take pictures but I saw some fans who took pictures before the recording and were never reprimanded so I did the same, but I do not want to risk being kicked out so I was only able to get this much.

CNBLUE appeared once again and this time since they were prerecording a video for the following week (April 17, 2016), they were wearing different clothes which I prefer more than the previous. The stage had been rearranged again and this time they were all in one stage instead of the moving mini stage. They also had fireworks surrounding the stage instead of the star confetti from the previous video.

Here is the second video they recorded for SBS Inkigayo April 17, 2016 episode which we were very fortunate to be part of:

You’re So Fine

Keeping up with the pressure of stardom and making original compositions are hard enough to deal with. We were able to watch them perform and interact with fans during their concerts but recording for music shows  during their comeback week to promote their new album, Blueming, is another story. They sang You’re So Fine repeatedly the entire time but we enjoyed it even better than having a VIP seat in a concert. It was a fun and lively song and we gained our energy from it despite filming until the break of dawn.

Tirelessly recording videos repeatedly for music shows for different entertainment networks until they are satisfied with the outcome requires hard work. Doing more than what is expected from them requires dedication. Keeping the energy flowing within themselves despite the hectic schedule and sincerely interacting with their fans requires the right attitude. They work hard, they are dedicated and they have the right attitude. We have seen it all and we felt that we have known them more through this experience. They were definitely worth the effort we have to go through. You’re so fine CNBLUE! Saranghaeyo! :-*


2 thoughts on “CNBLUE Blueming at SBS Inkigayo

  1. Hello! Congrats on getting to see CN Blue!! I’m going to Seoul myself next month and I hope I’ll be as lucky as you too :D Wanted to check – For SBS Inkigayo and M Countdown, how does the free entry work? Is it through the CN Blue Fan Club? Because I know that for M Countdown you have to queue from 5am and they only give 10 tickets, and Inkigayo you have to register online and they ballot. But your experience seemed different so just curious!

    And I think I read about how you’ve been to Seoul alone before – how was your experience like? I’ll be alone too and just a little nervous! Esp. since I’ve heard of how they might turn you away from restaurants (esp. KBBQ restaurants) if you’re a single diner.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Valentina! As first-timers, we also went pretty early in front of CJ E&M Bldg for the MNET Countdown and surprisingly no one was around until about 8 or 9 am. Apparently, there was online registration and CNBLUE official fan club members gets prioritized. You have to keep an observant eye and look for fans in the same fandom to be able to know which line you should go. If there are still slots, they will accommodate other fans who were not able to register online (we were just lucky at that time, I guess). Since we were not able to register online, we were always the ones who gets in last. Be prepared to have the latest album, blish/banner and lightstick because they will check on those. We just patiently waited and prayed hard at that time that they will consider letting us in because they were very strict. We stick around until the next recording for SBS and showed the previous numbers they wrote on our wrists. I hope you get to experience that too, it was the best fangirling experience my friends and I had for free! Yeah, I’ve been to Seoul alone during my first trip. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. I researched a lot before my trip and studied the subway. That way, I was able to go to most of the famous tourist spots for first-timers without needing a portable wifi to look for locations. Most of the people I’ve met were very helpful to tourists and I have not been turned away from restaurants but it will be a great advantage if you can learn a few Korean phrases too. You might also want to check out Visit Korea or Visit Seoul website, they have downloadable pamphlets to assist you on your trip. Just let me know if you have any other questions and I will be glad to help you on your trip to Korea :-)


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