CNBLUE Blueming at MNET M! Countdown

It was not planned nor expected. It just happened. It was like a dream.  It was meant to be…

That was how my friends and I felt when our travel dates coincided with CNBLUE‘s comeback schedule with their 6th mini album Blueming. CNBLUE had been to Manila for Blue Moon World Tour and Can’t Stop World Tour but Philippines was not included in their Come Together concert tour last year. There were a lot of things that happened which almost got our trip cancelled due to personal reasons but it turned out to be one of the best trip we all had because we were able to watch our favorite band perform live!

CNBLUE Comeback Stage at MNET M! Countdown

I woke up at 4 a.m. and met my friends past 5 a.m. on April 7. We hailed a taxi near Seoul Subway Station to go to Digital Media City in Sangam where CJ E&M Building is located to line up and get a chance to watch CNBLUE recording for MNET M! Countdown.

CJ E&M Building
CJ E&M Building
CJ E&M Building
CJ E&M Building

While we were waiting inside the CJ E&M Building, we were approached by one of the producers of MNET America who invited us to record a video and ask CNBLUE a few questions. We were not prepared but we gladly accepted their offer though I stuttered a lot when it was my turn.  I asked very generic questions and I did not expect Jong Hyun would be answering both! It would have been better if I was able to ask questions for each member especially my bias Jung Yong Hwa, but I am still thankful that my friends and I were able to participate in this video and represent the Filipino fans in our behalf.

LeiTbloomer for MNET America CNBLUE Blueming
My recording for MNET America where I just formulated very generic questions for CNBLUE.

Here is our on the spot Q&A video with CNBLUE:

It was around 9 am when we lined up outside. The FNC staffs checked the list of those who registered online. They checked their official CNBLUE membership card, blish and Blueming album. When it was our turn, they wrote numbers on our wrists since we were not able to register and get our numbers online. We were also the last group to get inside because priority were given to official fan club members who registered online. My friends and I were able to make new friends from Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and Hong Kong while waiting. They were all really nice and fun to be with! Once inside the building, we lined up and waited again. We were given the lyrics to CNBLUE Blueming’s main track You’re So Fine so we can practice fan chants while waiting for the recording to start.

New Boice friends across Asia (from Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan)
New Boice friends across Asia (from Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan)
Boices at MNET MCountdown CNBLUE Blueming
Boices patiently waiting for the recording to start.
You're So Fine Lyrics by CNBLUE LeiTbloomer at MNET
We were given the lyrics of You’re So Fine so we can practice fan chants while waiting for the recording to start.
CNBLUE Blueming You're So Fine Lyrics
You’re So Fine Lyrics

At around 11 am, we went inside the studio and saw CNBLUE on stage! We were so ecstatic to see them sooo close! They all look great and even more handsome than the last time I saw them! Ooops sorry for all the exclamations, it is so obvious I still get excited just remembering what happened! ^_^

We expected that they will sing You’re so Fine because the FNC staff gave us the lyrics but they recorded Young Forever.  I only purchased the album the night before and it was my first time hearing it.This song made me want to slow down  and think of the choices I’ve made in the past when I was younger. There is a mixture of sadness, acceptance and positivity incorporated in the lyrics and music of the song.

Coincidentally, this song fits my blog’s slogan, “Age is just a number, I’ll be young at heart forever!”  CNBLUE and I are pretty much in the same wavelength!  I hope they will make a music video of this, I am curious on how they will portray this song.

We were not allowed to take pictures and videos while they were recording.  This is the actual recording where we participated as an audience:

After the first recording, CNBLUE went down the stage and watched their video. They recorded for the second time and reviewed their video again. After they were satisfied, we were instructed to leave the recording room. Wow, they only recorded it twice and got it right that fast! They are so professional!

CNBLUE Mini Fan Meeting at MNET M! Countdown

We finished recording at around 12 noon. We were informed that there will be a fan meeting in the afternoon. Of course, we want to be there! So we just stayed and explored the area. We had our picture at MBC Star Street with Yong Hwa’s hand print, of course! We had our lunch at Burger King and I took a nap (I only had 3 hours of sleep that night) before we went back to CJ E&M Building.

We lined up again at around 4 p.m. and the mini fan meet started before 6 p.m. They told us we can take videos and photos as soon as they give us the permission but we should stop as soon as they tell us to stop. I was so short so I was not able to see them initially but then I was able to squeeze myself near the table that they set up and was able to take a video of them. My friend who was just in front of me was able to touch hands with Yong Hwa after the fan meet…I held her hand most of the time that day, and the following day too haha!

This is the video that I recorded during the mini fan meeting:

This is the official mini fan meeting video by MNET:

More fangirl moments with CNBLUE at SBS Inkigayo recording on my next post! Can’t get enough of CNBLUE just yet? You may want to check out my previous post, Fangirling over CNBLUE too! ^_^


4 thoughts on “CNBLUE Blueming at MNET M! Countdown

    1. Hi @katalinarosario! Thanks! It was meant to be! The whole trip was all worth it and seeing them was the best part! I hope to see you again there. Can’t get enough of S.Korea! ^_^


    1. Hi Tuthuy! I love CNBLUE especially Yonghwa too!!! Yeah, we were in Seoul just in time! It was all worth lacking sleep and standing a few hours just to watch them live, even better because it was FREE! You may also want to read my SBS Inkigayo experience, that’s even better! We spent more hours watching them and interacting with them during the recording. They are so nice despite being so tired from filming the whole day! ^_^

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