Fangirling over CNBLUE

I keep coming back to South Korea because there is so much more to see and do especially in Seoul. But aside from immersing myself in Korean culture and visiting tourist spots, part of my itinerary would always include something related to K-Pop. CNBLUE is one of my favorite band and that would be quite obvious now if you have been frequenting this blog as well as my Instagram and YouTube channel. Let me tour you and let us retrace together CNBLUE’s footsteps in Seoul!

Last year, I went to Bukchon Hanok Village where Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye’s houses were located in the Korean drama Heartstrings and at Namsan Tower where CNBLUE filmed Running Man Episode 186 .  I also went to K-Star Road  and FNC Entertainment.  I also ate at Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe owned by Jong Hyun, Hwang’s Eel Restaurant owned by Min Hyuk’s father, and Miss Lee Cafe where Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun had one of their dates in We Got Married. All those times, I was updating my friends and it feels surreal that we were able to fangirl over CNBLUE together in Korea this year!

On this trip, we went to Gwangjang Market, K-Star Road, FNC Entertainment, Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe, Hwang’s Eel Restaurant and MBC Star Street. You might also be interested about our MNET M! Countdown and SBS Inkigayo experience where we were able to interact with CNBLUE so I wrote separate articles on those so I can share the details with you!  ^_^

Gwangjang Market

Gwangjang Market is one of the largest and oldest traditional markets in Seoul. We went to the food alley where SBS Running Man casts and their guests which included CNBLUE filmed Episode 186. We went and ate at the exact location where they had the mayak kimbap and the bibimbap.

Mayak Kimbap in Gwangjang Market SBS Running Man with CNBLUE
Mayak Kimbap in Gwangjang Market where SBS Running Man filmed Episode 186 with CNBLUE
Running Man and CNBLUE at a bibimbap stall in Gwangjang Market
Bibimbap stall in Gwangjang Market where SBS Running Man  filmed Episode 186 with CNBLUE
SBS Running Man with CNBLUE in Gwangjang Market
SBS Running Man and CNBLUE at a Bibimbap Stall in Gwangjang Market
Bibimbap in Gwangjang Market with SBS Running Man and CNBLUE

Warning: The lady who owns the bibimbap stall is not so friendly. We went there with the intention to eat but we want to take pictures first before having our meal. She blabbered a lot of not so nice stuff in Korean which we can partly understand and even if we don’t we can actually tell just by looking at her. We could have ordered other variety of what her stall has to offer but we were taken aback by her not so welcoming personality that we did not have time to react so we just ordered bibimbap. It was my third time in Korea but it was my first time to encounter such rudeness. So Boices, be prepared! Order first then take pictures or just take pictures and leave right away.

K-Star Road

We went to K-Star Road in Apgujeong Rodeo and had our picture taken with CNBLUE Gangnamdol!  Click on the link to get the instructions on how to go to  K-Star Road.

CNBLUE Gangnamdol in K-Star Road
CNBLUE Gangnamdol in K-Star Road in Apgujeong Rodeo

FNC Entertainment

We also went to FNC Entertainment and waited in front of the gate for a few hours, hoping to catch a glimpse of CNBLUE but we failed. However, we did see Seolhyun of AOA. She looks very shy. Her face is so small and she is tall and slim. My friends saw Kwangjin of NFLYING too and we also saw other FNC trainees.

Click on the link to get the instructions on how to go to FNC Entertainment.

FNC Entertainment in Cheongdamdong
FNC Entertainment in Cheongdamdong
CNBLUE Blueming at FNC Entertainment_LeiTbloomer
CNBLUE Blueming at FNC Entertainment in Cheongdamdong
LeiTbloomer at FNC Entertainment in Cheongdamdong
FNC Entertainment in Cheongdamdong

Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe

From FNC, we went to Jong Hyun’s Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe. We were so cold especially from the hours we spent standing in front of FNC but we still pushed ourselves and went there. We did not see any CNBLUE members while we were at FNC but we were able to see Jong Hyun’s father at his cafe! It was a pleasant surprise because we know he is based in Busan so we did not expect to see him there.

The interior is still the same except for the addition of a large LED TV where episodes of We Got Married featuring Jong Hyun and his virtual wife Seung Yeon are being shown. We ordered Injeolmi and Cheese sulbing and took a seat where Jong Hyun and Seung Yeon sat when they went there to film an episode of We Got Married.  I like the chewy rice cake of the injeolmi snowflake sherbet.  The cheese cake as well as the ice cream and almond topping of the cheese snowflake sherbet go well together, so yummy!

After mustering up enough courage, I approached Jong Hyun’s father and talked to him in Korean. I introduced myself and told him my friends and I are CNBLUE fans from the Philippines. We requested to have a picture with him which he politely agreed to though it is obvious he is really shy. He is very good looking like Jong Hyun! Before we left, I gave him a pack of mango balls from the Philippines which was also what I gave Min Hyuk’s father last year when I met him.

Click on the link to get the instructions on how to go to Jong Hyun’s Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe.

Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe_LeiTbloomer 2
Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe in Sillim
Jong Hyun's Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe in Sillim
Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe best sellers: Cheese Snowflakes and Injeolmi Snowflakes
Jong Hyun in MBC We Got Married
LED TV showing Jong Hyun and Seung Yeon’s episodes in  We Got Married at his Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe in Sillim
With CNBLUE Jong Hyun's father LeiTbloomer
With Mr. Lee (Jong Hyun’s father) at Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe in Sillim

Hwang’s Eel Restaurant

I had one of my most memorable experience here last year. I met Min Hyuk’s father and met two nice ajussis who kept me company while I was dining alone. Last time, I ordered pork skirtmeat so this time my friends and I tried their specialty which is sea eel. It was all our first time to eat sea eel and we enjoyed it!  Unfortunately, we did not see Mr. Kang that night and we were the only customers there because we arrived quite late.  The store was also slightly different from last year because some of the post-it notes I saw before were not there anymore, including mine. The prices for each meal have also slightly increased compared to last year.

Click on the link to get the instructions on how to go to Hwang’s Eel Restaurant.

Hwang's Eel Restaurant in Yeongdeungpo
Min Hyuk’s father owns the Hwang’s Eel Restaurant in Yeongdeungpo
Hwang's Eel Restaurant in Yeongdeungpo LeiTbloomer
Post-it notes, posters and other art crafts from CNBLUE fans adorn the walls of Hwang’s Eel Restaurant in Yeongdeungpo
Hwang's Eel Restaurant Best Sellers are Sea Eel and Pork Skirtmeat
Hwang’s Eel Restaurant’s Best Sellers are Sea Eel and Pork Skirtmeat.
With Min Hyuk's Father at Hwang's Eel Restaurant
With Mr. Kang (Min Hyuk’s Father) at Hwang’s Eel Restaurant taken during my first trip in Seoul in April 2015

MBC Star Street 

Before we attended the MNET M! Countdown mini fan meeting with CNBLUE for their first come back stage for their 6th mini album Blueming, we explored the area and found Yong Hwa’s hand print and signature at the MBC Star Street. Other hand prints and signature of famous celebrities such as Rain, Lee Seung Gi, Jang Nara, Ha Ji Won and Song Joong Ki can also be found here.

MBC Park
MBC Park in Digital Media City
Yong Hwa's hand print at MBC Star Street LeiTbloomer
Yong Hwa’s hand print at MBC Star Street
MBC Star Street Yong Hwa CNBLUE
At MBC Star Street with Yong Hwa’s hand print.

Hope you enjoyed our CNBLUE tour! I will soon come up with the complete CNBLUE fan girl itinerary so you can have it as a reference if you want to see the places we have visited on this trip and those I have previously featured here from last year.

I have gained friends through CNBLUE and their music has always been a source of inspiration and happiness to us. I know some people who are not into this kind of stuff will never be able to understand how fans derive happiness from just tracing the footsteps of their idols. Only fellow Boices would know and understand how we feel. Let’s just say this is my way of supporting  and letting the boys know how I feel and how I want other international fans to get to know them and feel more closer to them. CNBLUE and fellow Boices, fighting!!! ^_^


6 thoughts on “Fangirling over CNBLUE

    1. Hello Valerie! Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you find this post interesting. Actually, we were informed about the fan meeting while we were already there. After the recording session of CNBLUE for the song “Young Forever” the staff announced that there will be a mini fan meeting in the afternoon at CJ E&M building. It is an advantage if you are an official member because the information will mostly likely be provided. It will also help if you will follow closely and monitor posts from twitter, facebook and other SNS accounts of different fan sites to get updated. I hope you meet CNBLUE too. It was really an exciting experience to watch them closely and interact with them. They are really nice despite being tired from recording the whole day. :-)


  1. Just came across your post. Thank you for such a well-written piece! I enjoyed reading it, and if I ever make it to Seoul, I’ll be sure to visit the places you mentioned! 😊
    I count myself lucky to have attended my first CNBlue concert (“Between Us”) in Singapore this year and they left me a fan forever!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post Sharon! CNBLUE is a very talented band and I really really love them! You are very lucky to have watched their Between Us concert…their schedule here in Manila was postponed :( anyway, I’m still hopeful it will still push through because I want to see them again. Hope you will be able to go to the places we have visited. I will be adding more of that after our trip to Korea this November. We plan to cover more of CNBLUE filming locations including their individual K-Dramas filming sites :)


    1. Hi it is just beside the MBC Building (267, Seongam-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
      서울특별시 마포구 성암로 267 (상암동). By Subway, alight at Digital Media City Station (IAirport Railroad Express Line), Exit 9.


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