Cheese in the Trap: Episode 7 Summary

Last episode had a lot of tender moments for Yoo Jung and Seol.  How can someone be so drunk and still look cute?  I guess that is possible for Seol.  How can you not be tempted to kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend when you are in the same room?  I believe TRUE LOVE CAN WAIT.  They just started dating, so no need to rush things, right?  We also get to understand how the characters in this drama struggled with their own lives and how they managed to cope up.  We get to see how the simplest things or deed can make someone happy and see someone in a new light despite how things started off at the wrong foot.  Although in some circumstances, it can negatively influence others like Oh Young Gon who reappeared and started harassing Seol again to the point that he even caused In Ho to lose his job at the tutorial center.

Seol was packing her things to move out from her room near her school to live back to her parents’ house to save money for her and her brother’s tuition fee.  Her friends Bora and Eun Taek went to help her and even brought Yoo Jung with them.  Since she had done most of the packing, they went out to eat at the nearby pub.  They met In Ho and Jun on their way there and they joined them.

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While they were eating, Eun Taek mentioned that he had been to Seol’s house and it was really far.  Eun Taek explained that he took her home because Young Gon was stalking her.  Then In Ho also mentioned the latest incident when he stopped Young Gon from harassing her.  Yoo Jung was taken aback by what they said but Seol assured him it was not a big deal, but he still insisted that she let him know if anything happens.

In Ho mentioned that he is looking for a part-time job and Jun volunteered their noodle shop.  Seol tried to stop him to avoid any misunderstanding but Yoo Jung assured her it is okay with him.

Seol went ahead of them to finish packing her things and encountered the underwear thief/pervert coming out of her room with her laptop.  She was shocked and tried to run away but he stopped her and choked her.  Luckily Yoo Jung arrived and asked him to let go of Seol.  He complied but not without hurting her.  He kicked her and she fell downstairs towards Yoo Jung.  Jun and In Ho helped to look for her attacker and Yoo Jung followed suit once Eun Taek and Bora arrived to look after Seol.

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Yoo Jung must have been really smart or he can really tell how a person’s mind works because he was able to catch the pervert hiding at the dark alley where Seol once suspected seeing someone on their way home.

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Seol was taken out to go to the hospital but the policemen mistaken In Ho as the attacker and went after him.  She asked Bora to chase them and explain that In Ho is not her attacker.  While she was sitting at the corner next to the alley where Yoo Jung found the attacker, she heard him beat up her attacker and even heard parts of their conversation.  It scared her and made her wonder if Yoo Jung really caused In Ho’s hand injury.

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In a voiceover, Seol narrated Yoo Jung got out from the police station without any issues even though he brutally beat up the pervert and that the pervert is not the landlady’s grandson but an owner of a fake travel agency who sold the landlady a tour package which caused her to have difficulties coming back to Korea.

Jun told Seol that Yoo Jung had been waiting for her since she got admitted in the hospital, so she went out of her room and talked to him.  She asked him not to resolve matters that way and Yoo Jung agreed and told her he regretted his actions too.  Because she knows he only did it for her, Seol reached out for his hand and accepted him again and thought to herself, “I don’t know what’s in store for me but since I have him, won’t I be happier?”

 It was the first day of classes and the start of Seol’s four-hour commute. She was greeted by Min Soo who had a makeover which was oddly similar to her style.  Bora noticed the similarities but Min Soo got defensive and said she and Seol have very similar taste.

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Yoo Jung arrived and called out for Seol who dunk her head in embarrassment because she wants to keep her relationship with Yoo Jung private.  Bora and Eun Taek moved to another table so Yoo Jung can sit beside Seol.  Their classmates noticed that they seemed to have gotten closer over the break and Yoo Jung just casually told them they are dating.  They were all shocked and Seol was mortified.

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After class she confronted him but he told her their relationship is not something that they should hide.  He held her hand and she tried to free hers from his grasp and said, “Do we have to hold hands like this in front of others?”  And he said, “Why not? I am going to go around showing off.” 
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Yoo Jung’s internship is about to start and he will not be in school most of the time so he asked Seol to let him know if Young Gon bothers her again.  Seol looked back at how Young Gon started harassing her.  It was also around the time when she and Yoo Jung were not in good terms.  Young Gon got into a fight with Eun Taek over Bora and unintentionally hit Yoo Jung and said mean things about him in front of everyone.  She tried to console Young Gon and after that day, he started obsessing about her.  He followed her around and sent her expensive gifts which he told her was Yoo Jung’s idea.  She talked to Yoo Jung about this and oddly Young Gon disappeared from her sight since that day.

She was too deep into her thoughts that she did not notice a piece of rice got stuck on her face until Yoo Jung removed it.  She was so embarrassed and told him he should not show his affection towards her in public.  Everyone knows they are dating and it makes her feel bad that they can’t seem to believe he will date someone like her.  She still looks cute while she was ranting with an irritated expression on her face and Yoo Jung had to stop himself from smiling.

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In Ho started working at the noodle shop owned by Seol’s parents.  Her uncle noticed him and asked him to help clean up his store.  While he was cleaning up, he saw an old electric piano and he remembered the time when he was great at playing the piano and the time In Ha quit art classes because he criticized her portrait of Yoo Jung.  His reverie was interrupted by Seol’s uncle who told him that he should leave because the restaurant needs him.  He agreed but he volunteered to come back and finish cleaning up.

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Yoo Jung drove Seol home.  She was so happy not to ride the subway and Yoo Jung told her he will drive her home whenever he can so they can still date.  She asked him about his future plans and he told her his father owns Taerang Group but no one knows about it.  He plans to study abroad and get management training.  Seol was utterly shocked that they have completely different social status but she felt more insignificant and sad by this because she does not think she will be a part of Yoo Jung’s life in the future.

Yoo Jung noticed she has gotten quiet and felt he said something wrong and Seol told him she was just wondering if they will still be together in the future.  Before she went out of his car, he hugged her and told her not to worry about those things.   He went closer to kiss her but she moved away because she was nervous.

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Yoo Jung backed away and released Seol’s hands.  She suddenly changed her mind and awkwardly held Yoo Jung’s face between her hands and aimed for a kiss.  It was so embarrassing and funny watching this but I was still relieved and found it endearing that she tried her best to shun her protective wall just to let Yoo Jung know how she feels.  She kissed him on his cheek and heaved a sigh of relief and immediately went out of his car in embarrassment, leaving him shocked and speechless.

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As soon as Seol stepped out of Yoo Jung’s car, the rain poured down.  She took shelter at a nearby shop and met her brother there.  They saw In Ho with an umbrella and asked him to take them home.  They did not notice that Yoo Jung brought an umbrella and followed Seol to walk her home.

Seol showed up at her uncle’s shop while In Ho was cleaning up.  She saw In Ho eyeing the power cord intently while he was in front of the hardware shop before they joined him and asked him to walk them home, so she brought one for him once she confirmed from her mother that the old electric piano was still in her uncle’s storage room.  She also brought her old piano books for him to practice on and encouraged him to be strong and keep practicing.

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In Ho and Jun went to Yonyi University and asked Seol to buy them a meal or they will ask Yoo Jung.  She was in a hurry to find them that she turned down Min Soo’s invitation to eat with her and failed to notice that she dropped her lion key chain on her way out but Min Soo picked it up for her and thought it looks cute since it resembles Seol.

Seol could not contact Jun so she called In Ho and went to look for him at the Music Department.  While In Ho was looking around, a friend of his former piano teacher recognized him and talked to him but he started running away from him as soon as the professor asked him more personal details.  He even saw Seol on his way out but did not bother to stop.  The professor gave his calling card to Seol and requested that she give it to In Ho so he can contact him.

Seol finally noticed that she lost her lion key chain and went to look for it with Yoo Jung.  While she was rummaging through her bag, Yoo Jung saw Professor Shim’s calling card.  He refused to give it back to Seol and told her he will personally give it to In Ho.  She did not want the two boys to start a fight again so she told him she will go with him.

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As expected, whenever the two guys meet, they will always have some things to say to annoy each other, and this time I think Yoo Jung went overboard.  He could have given the card to In Ho and just left but he offered to support him if he wants to study abroad and even added, “If it’s your pride holding you back, you don’t have to be like that.  Whether you’re going to play piano or not, it should be up to you but don’t be stuck in indecision and pull Seol into it.”

Comments:  In our time where relationship labels had been hard to point out and letting purely instinct to demarcate the difference between being lovers and friends,  I am glad Yoo Jung firmly made his feelings clear. He can be indifferent towards other people, but he is sensitive when Seol is involved. He will protect her, respect her and cherish her.

In Ho appears strong-willed but he carries scars from his past that weakens his resolve to move on. Time cannot heal all wounds especially if it involves giving up on your dream which had always been your source of strength.

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  1. Omigosh the kissing scene was SO embarrassing and hilarious to watch!! I couldn’t even understand how to react to it!! I literally paused on that scene and took a walk around my room just to gain composure :P

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