Cheese in the Trap: Episode 6 Summary

Last episode, Seol discovered that her next door neighbor Yoo Jong is in a relationship with Teaching Assistant Heo, who blurted out things about Yoo Jung that Seol was not supposed to know.  Seol confronted Yoo Jung about this and could not bring herself to even try to understand how he made things happen at the expense of other people in order to help her.  Yoo Jung is used to other people pointing out his flaws but it hurts him even more because Seol also misjudged and misunderstood him.

Seol woke up from a dream where she had another argument with Yoo Jung.  They were seated opposite each other where the table grew longer which made them more far apart with each misunderstanding that they had.  Yoo Jung told her in her dream that he is doing his best and he cannot be perfect.

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Seol went to see Bora to confide about this.  Bora agreed that he does things differently which are not easily acceptable but she was able to at least justify his actions and advised Seol to be grateful for having a good boyfriend.  Seol sent Yoo Jung a message and asked him to meet her the following day so they can talk.

Seol agreed to treat In Ho for the brick accident where he helped Teaching Assistant Heo.  While he was waiting in front of the convenience store, he saw his former piano teacher on TV which ignited old memories when he was still able to play the piano really well.  Seol saw him crying from a distance but she pretended not to notice it since he was drenched by the rain.  In Ho changed his mind about dinner and asked her to buy him some drinks instead.

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Yoo Jung was relieved to receive Seol’s message and he hurriedly went to her place even though she told him to meet her the following day.  He waited but Seol was not home yet so he decided to check on the restaurant near her place and found her there having drinks with In Ho.  She was surprised and felt guilty being with In Ho even though she was supposed to still be mad at Yoo Jung.  He joined them and Seol explained she owed In Ho so she is buying him drinks.

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In Ho interrupted them and told her Yoo Jung had lots of women lined up for him and was so picky about looks and body.  Seol’s confidence fluctuated as she absent-mindedly reached for a bottle of soju and drank continuously as In Ho went on to blabber and argue with Yoo Jung.

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In her drunken state, she stood up and told them to both shut up.  As she seated, she wondered out loud if Yoo Jung dated In Ha too, for which both answered a big resounding “NO!” in unison.

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Seol collapsed and Yoo Jung carried her on his back and took her home.  In Ho went with them because he does not trust Yoo Jung.  In Ho was hit by a water bottle thrown by Jun who walked towards them and demanded that they let go of his sister.

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Seol woke up the following day and her brother asked her who among the two is her boyfriend, the thug or the model student.  He told her she threw up on Yoo Jung’s head and that he is going to dump her soon but Jun took it back and just told her he just wanted to scare her.  Seol was mortified and vowed never to drink again.

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On her way out to meet Yoo Jung, Seol saw Joo Yong moving his things out.  He told her he is going to leave and asked her to keep his relationship with Teaching Assistant Heo a secret and she assured him she will not tell anyone.

While she was having coffee with Yoo Jung, she worriedly asked him if she caused a scene while she was drunk though she dreaded to know the truth.  Yoo Jung was concerned and told her not to drink a lot on her own but he smiled at her as he told her, it was kind of cute too.

Seol informed him that her next-door neighbor, Joo Yong, moved out.  She apologized for getting angry at him about the things Teaching Assistant Heo told her even though she is aware that he did not have bad intentions.  She told him she will let it go but made him promise it won’t happen again and that he should ask her first if it has something to do with her.

He walked her home after they ate and watched a movie.  She informed him she will be moving out before school starts and that she felt sad because it seems like everything is ending.  Yoo Jung countered and assured her, “Not us.  We’ll continue seeing each other even after class starts.”

She brought the watch that they saw at a gift shop during one of their previous dates and gave it to him.  He was pleasantly surprised and stared at the watch for a long time which made Seol worry that he did not like it, but then he hugged her gently and told her he liked it and thanked her.

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At home, he took off his watch and placed it together with his other collection of watches.  He wore the watch Seol gave him and looked satisfied and happy.

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Seol saw Young Gon while she was on her way to her tutorial center.  He had been stalking her and had been aggressive to her since last year but then he stopped when he took some time off school.  He cornered her and confronted her about her relationship with Yoo Jung and warned her about him yet still insulted her when she tried to avoid him.

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In Ho appeared out of nowhere and interrupted them.  In Ho hit Young Gon and warned him.  He run away from them but threatened to sue In Ho but Seol told him she will testify as a witness and tell them the truth.  He warned her again about Yoo Jung and reminded her that Yoo Jung encouraged him to pursue Seol last year.  In Ho got his fist wounded when he defended Seol from Yong Gon so she bought medicines for him and left it behind at their office.

Young Gon’s words bothered Seol but she decided not to bring up something which can cause problems with her and Yoo Jung.  Her face suddenly lit up when she saw Yoo Jung waiting for her outside the academy.  She ran towards him and they were all smiles facing each other.  He even fixed her bangs fondly before he assisted her inside his car.  They drove off and failed to see In Ho who was about to volunteer to accompany Seol home safely just in case Young Gon goes to her again.

While walking home, Seol and Yoo Jung passed by a dark alley and she thought she saw someone there.  He checked on it but did not see anyone.  They were greeted by the policemen who informed them that the pervert was in their neighborhood again and has not been caught yet.

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Yoo Jung sensed that Seol was scared so he volunteered to stay with her.  She was reluctant but felt safer with him so she agreed.  It was awkward having her boyfriend in her room so she suggested that they watch TV.  She kept it in her closet and had a hard time pulling it out so he helped her but then they lost their balance and fell on the bed facing each other, Seol on her back and Yoo Jung on top of her.  His eyes moved from her eyes to her lips. Seol covered her mouth but he continued moving closer and whispered to her ear that they did not have to watch TV then he smiled as he got up.

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She suggested that they just sleep but then she kept on moving around so Yoo Jung turned on the lights and saw her photo album and they looked at her pictures together. He saw that Seol and Jun are really close.  She told him Joon grew up doing everything he wanted to do and his parents just let him get his way because he is cute and lovable.

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She opened up and told him she put her best effort in everything she does and had been too hard on herself if she made a mistake.  Yoo Jung agreed and told her he felt that way too and told her his father is very affectionate and lenient with others but has firm expectations when it comes to him and he sometimes feel burdened by it.  He told Seol, “If I were your parents, I would’ve been so proud of you.  It is really good to see you work so hard in life.  Don’t worry.  You’re doing great right now.”

Before Seol gets more emotional, she changed the subject and asked him when he started feeling differently towards her since they are both aware that they both did not like each other in the beginning.  Yoo Jung smiled and recalled the events from last year where the two of them were left behind by their schoolmates to finish all the preparations for the opening of their pub.  He volunteered to help her even though he was not feeling well.  He even told her that he will finish everything and she can go but she stayed and did her part.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 6 Summary

When she came back to the pub after putting up posters, she saw him lying on one of the couches and having a fever.  Seol took care of him the whole night and stayed with him until his fever went down.  He woke up the following day and saw Seol sleeping on one of the couches.  He covered her with his coat and as he did that, the sleeping Seol caught his hand and held the tip of his finger.

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Seol interrupted his reverie and asked him again when he started having feelings for her.  “It’s a secret,” he told her and then he held her finger meaningfully.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 6 Summary LeiTbloomer 33

He changed the subject and asked her the same question.  She thought to herself, “I don’t know how we ended up sitting next to each other like this.  Isn’t it enough that I’m enjoying this moment right now?”  She smiled at him and said, “It’s a secret for me too.”

Young Gon reported In Ho and got him removed from the academy the next day.  Seol felt guilty that he lost his job because of her and volunteered to talk to the director.  In Ho told her he had plans to leave Seoul and advised her to avoid Young Gon since he will not be going there any longer to look after her.

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Comments:  Young Gon is delusional to the point that he has been harming Seol unrelentingly.  It is a good thing that Eun Taek and In Ho were there to look after her.  However, his obsession towards Seol is really scary.

In Ho seems to still want to play the piano and has a lot of regrets. I just could not fathom why he declined getting therapy and gave up his dream.

Seol seems to have very little confidence on herself.  Seol, if you only knew, you are cute and charming and has a beautiful heart that is why Yoo Jung fell for you.  In Ha does not even come closer to how great a person you have become, so cheer up and believe in yourself.

Yoo Jung’s behavior towards others is partly due to how his father treats him.  His father is lenient to both In Ho and In Ha but sets high expectations from him.  He has to maintain a calm demeanor in front of other people and ended up being a pushover, yet he sometimes felt suffocated by it and maybe that explains why he cannot tolerate seeing other people taking advantage of others and  tries to manipulate the situation in such a way that things will be resolved into their own accord.

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