Cheese in the Trap: Episode 5 Summary

Last episode, Seol and Bora made up and promised to be more honest with each other. Yoo Jung and Seol had their first date and it made her realize how different they are from each other. In Ho took Seol’s advice about dressing up for an interview which landed him a job as a janitor, ad model and part-time teacher at an English tutorial center.  Yoo Jung helped Seol to get a part-time job at school during the break and even managed to get her in for free at an  English tutorial center, which coincidentally was also the workplace of In Ho. Yoo Jung was displeased upon knowing this even more so when Seol intentionally did not mention this to him.  Joo Yeon confessed that she caused the incident about the drunken man who attacked Seol and told her Yoo Jung knew this but he just left, which made Seol question Yoo Jung’s sincerity towards her. However, Joo Yeon did not mention on purpose that Yoo Jung called the security and helped to search for Seol.  It rained that night and Seol and In Ho went home together and found Yoo Jung at her doorsteps, obviously not pleased that they are together.

Yoo Jung asked Seol to get inside before things between him and In Ho become more complicated.  They had the usual confrontation and In Ho made it clear that he understands that Yoo Jung does not want him getting close to his girlfriend.

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Seol went after Yoo Jung and tried to talk to him.  He was mad because he saw them together especially since he instructed Seol to avoid In Ho.  He questioned her why she did not tell him that In Ho works at the same tutorial center she was attending.  Seol thought it would make things complicated  and justified that in order for her to follow him, she needs to understand why he wants her to avoid In Ho but Yoo Jung tried to end their confrontation since it was obvious they will end up saying things that would hurt each other.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 5 Summary LeiTbloomer 1Bora called Seol as she was walking away from Yoo Jung.  Bora’s father collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.  Yoo Jung accompanied Seol and they joined Eun Taek in consoling Bora.  Seol fell asleep while waiting for the outcome of the operation on Bora’s father.  Yoo Jung covered her with a blanket and held her hand as she sleeps.

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The operation went well and Bora’s father was taken to the recovery room.  Seol and Yoo Jung were finally able to talk things through on their way home.  Seol apologized and Yoo Jung admitted he went too far.  He explained that In Ho is the grandson of his father’s professor and they took him and his sister in when the professor passed away.  He told her In Ho played piano really well but got injured at a fight in school and blamed him for what happened to his hand.  He does not want Seol to get involved in their misunderstanding that is why he wanted her to avoid In Ho.

Seol told Yoo Jung that she was bothered about what Joo Yeon told her, that he just left even though he knows she was in danger from the drunken man.  Yoo Jung clarified that he left and called the security and searched for her. He even checked on her the following day and tended her wound.  He was hurt that Seol does not trust him enough.  Seol promised him she would talk to him right away so they will avoid misunderstanding each other and Yoo Jung promised her that he would not do anything to make her mad in the future.  On their way home, Seol narrated in a voiceover, “Senior doesn’t like to cause a fuss.  Even if he is misunderstood, he won’t explain unless explicitly asked.  Let’s forget the past and start anew.”

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After knowing that Seol is Yoo Jung’s girlfriend, In Ho started acting like a jerk towards Seol whenever he sees her at the tutorial center.  He wants them to pretend not to know each other to which Seol agreed to without batting an eyelash.  She had another date with Yoo Jung but she had a hard time deciding on what to order.  Since she is buying for them she told him she wants to choose something good but Yoo Jung knows her better and considerately told her to order what they can have with the food coupon she has.

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She informed him she and In Ho do not interact much since that night and he asked her to tell him if something happens.  They talk about how Eun Taek, Bora and Seol became friends.  Seol explained she met Eun Taek through Bora and she met Bora when they were both senior in high school.  She thought Bora was aggressive and scary at first but she is friendly and easy to talk to once you get to know her.  She concluded first impression last to some people but can be just the opposite for others.  Yoo Jung pointed out they were like that too and told her he feels better now that they have become closer.  Seol was obviously embarrassed by his honesty and shyly told him without being able to look into his eyes that she feels the same way too.

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They went into a gift shop and Seol saw Yoo Jung eyeing a watch and she made a mental note to herself that she would buy that for him.  Yoo Jung saw a lion key chain and look at it fondly because it looks similar to Seol’s curly hair so he bought a pair for both of them.

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In Ho continued to annoy Seol at the tutorial center.  He went overboard one time when he kept on pushing the floor mop towards her and gotten her notes wet when it fell onto the floor.  He run after Seol to apologize and In Ha, who happened to visit the tutorial center to look for him and ask for money, saw their interaction and thought they were dating.  She followed Seol at the convenience store and used Seol’s phone to call In Ho which made him rush towards them.  He dragged his sister away from Seol and confronted her to the point that he almost hit her which triggered a memory from their childhood wherein she always got hit by their aunt.  They planned to run away but she was caught by their aunt and he left without her.  Yoo Jung’s father arrived just in time and was able to rescue them.  In Ho still feels guilty about this but he is not aware that In Ha just manipulated him to get what she wants.

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Yoo Jung and Seol agreed to meet a bar located near her place.  Joo Yong who happens to live next door to Seol and went to the same school as Yoo Jung was also there.  They chatted and Joo Yong explained in drunken stupor that he is in a relationship and was kicked out of their house because his family opposed it.  Seol arrived and saw them talking, it became evident to Joo Yong that they are dating and he looked amazed by his discovery.

Teaching Assistant Heo turned out to be the one who is in a relationship with Joo Yong.  He waited for him inside Joo Yong’s room but went out to make a call.  In Ho happened to pass by and saw the landlady’s grandson hit Teaching Assistant Heo’s head with a brick.  He rushed towards him and asked the neighbor to report the incident.

Joo Yong had gotten so drunk that Yoo Jung had to carry him back to his room.  After laying him on the floor he went outside and Seol followed him.  She tripped towards Yoo Jung and almost fell backwards.  He was able to catch and prevent her from falling and Seol had gotten self-conscious about the situation and wondered if she should invite him for a coffee or ramen.  Yoo Jung read her mind and eased her worries by telling her, “I would really like too but maybe next time.”  He smiled and ruffled her curly bangs and handed over the keys to Joo Yong’s room before he bid her goodbye.

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The following day, Joo Yong was taken to the police station when they found women’s underwear at his place.  They suspected him as the pervert who is roaming in their neighborhood.  Seol went to the police station as a witness and on her way out, In Ho was there too because he was suspected as the one who assaulted Teaching Assistant Heo.  They went home together and Seol commended him for saving Teaching Assistant Heo.  She then asked him why he was in front of her place and he was flustered as he answered defensively.  He then changed the subject and apologized for his sister’s behavior and advised her to just run if Seol meet In Ha again.

Seol was about to enter her room when she heard Joo Yong arguing with someone.  She wondered what was going on and went closer to check on them when Teaching Assistant Heo walked out of the door.  She explained to him that she lives next door to Joo Yung, but he thought he was being manipulated again because she caught him in a relationship with another man,  and had gotten really mad at Seol and blurted out things she was not supposed to find out, that Yoo Jung asked him to lose his report on purpose so she can get the scholarship and that Yoo Jung also asked him to give her an office job.

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Yoo Jung received a call from Seol while he was driving on his way to her place.  They met at a park nearby and she asked him about the things Teaching Assistant Heo told her.  His explanations did not work and Seol stood and walked away from him and thought to herself, “I can’t breathe thinking someone got hurt because of something done for me.  I didn’t want to get used to receiving from others all the time.  Without realizing it, I was always receiving something from him.  What makes me even more angry is myself being shaken by his words that he did it for me.”

Cheese in the Trap Episode 5 Summary LeiTbloomer 19

Six months ago during their end of class dinner party, Yoo Jung caught Teaching Assistant Heo stealing money from someone else.  Yoo Jung pretended nothing happened but asked him to throw his report away in return and take the blame for this.

Yoo Jung met Teaching Assistant Heo and confronted him.  Joo Yong defended Teaching Assistant Heo and pointed out that Yoo Jung do not understand people’s feelings and ignore them.  Yoo Jung threatened them but decided to let them be under the condition that Joo Yong go back home and reconcile with his parents.

At home, Yoo Jung pondered about the things that transpired between him and other people. He thought of Seol and was hurt on how she misjudged him, “Am I weird? The way I do things and the way I think?”  

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Comments:  Yoo Jung’s mind is obviously beyond the norm.  He has a different perspective and approach in dealing things.  He tries to blend in but ended up unintentionally manipulating the situation to his advantage.  For him, things can be as simple as long as you take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.  It is obvious, he is drawn to Seol because he thought they were similar but Seol is more than that.  She has a strong support system and can rely on her family and friends.  She is awkward yet warm that you will easily find yourself wanting to be close to her and protect her as she struggles to keep her sanity intact with her personal circumstances.

I love the fact that Yoo Jung tries to adjust to Seol and tries to help her in his own way without being flashy like what you would normally see in some Korean TV dramas.  He tries to keep it real and simple, awkward yet sincere.  He does not take advantage of her weakness and keeps his distance from her when she needs it.  However, I do feel that he likes Seol more than she likes him.  It is apparent Seol still cannot forget the past and often times misjudged him.  I cannot blame her for that, however, I do hope she gives him a chance and get to know him more so she can learn to trust him.

In Ho’s feelings towards Seol is becoming more obvious but he does not realize it yet and I can see In Ha will get in his personal life as she continues to emotionally blackmail him. I am beginning to like him but I know he will end up hurt if he cannot keep his emotions at bay.

I do not have anything against same sex relationship but of course that would depend on someone’s upbringing.  My take on that is as long as you do not affect other people negatively, you should not be treated any less of a person. I have gay friends and I love them for who they are!

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2 thoughts on “Cheese in the Trap: Episode 5 Summary

  1. A lot times people cannot relate to Jung is because the story only uncover his wounded soul slowly. Yes, he’s a wounded soul, like a lot of the other main guys in kdramas. We also saw Jung’s mysterious and manipulative side. Sometimes he can be very cold and vicious, even behind the kind gestures and sweet smiles. No other characters is perfect. Jung has his flaws but for all the great stuff he has, why should I not love him?

    There’s also an interesting chat with other CITT lovers on Gabber!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Missyeun! Thanks for dropping by! :-) I agree with you. Part of the reason why I am hooked with this drama is because I want to know Jung more and I am looking forward on how they will shed light to his character and the reason behind his behavior. He is imperfectly perfect and I am really drawn to him. :-)


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