Cheese in the Trap: Episode 4 Summary

Last episode, Seol finally met In Ho who warned her about Yoo Jung’s personality.  After the setup with Ah-Young without his permission, Yoo Jung ignored Seol again but he was not able to turn his back on her when he learned that Do Hyun had plans to take advantage of her while she was drunk.  Seol got a D for her group presentation and even had an argument with her best friend Bora.  She walked home depressed, not even aware that Yoo Jung followed her home.  In Ho, who lives in the same neighborhood as hers, showed up and tried to console her.  Seol tried to talk to Yoo Jung once again and they agreed to forget the things that had gotten them upset with each other.  He walked her home that night and asked her to date him.

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Seol was surprised and stuttered as she vaguely answered Yoo Jung.  He released her wrist as she tried to explain but since she cannot make any coherent reason to justify why they cannot date, Yoo Jung gently insisted and convinced her that they give it a try.She went into her room in daze and debated with herself as she tried to make sense about the sudden turn of events which is completely the opposite of how he treated her last year.  She went to school the next day and saw him at the hallway.  He just waved at her casually and she wondered why he acted that way when he asked her to date him the night before.

She went home and informed her parents that she needs help with her tuition fee because she had a hard time in one of her classes which can affect her scholarship.  However, her father’s business went bankrupt so in order to make ends meet, her mother asked her to move back and live with them and go on a 4-hour commute to school.  They can use the money with the deposit from her room to pay her and her brother’s tuition so she does not have to take time off from school again.

Eun Taek invited her to eat with him.  When she arrived at the restaurant, Bora was with him.  He left their table to get food so Seol and Bora can patch things up.  Seol explained her situation and told Bora she feels embarrassed talking about her personal stuff.  Bora told her she was hurt because she felt like she did not know anything about Seol even though they are best friends but she promised she would try to tone down her nagging.  They held hands and agreed that they will be more honest with each other.Chese in the Trap Episode 4 Summary LeiTbloomer 4Chese in the Trap Episode 4 Summary LeiTbloomer 5

Eun Taek came back with food then as he mentioned Yoo Jung, Seol became hyper which made both him and Bora suspicious that something is going on between them.  Seol tried to divert their attention but finally confessed that Yoo Jung asked her to date him.  They initially thought she was not making any sense and she expected they would not believe her that is why she hesitated to tell them.  Then she blurted out her frustration about everything that has been bothering her since he asked her to date him which finally convinced them she is telling the truth.

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As they were walking outside the restaurant, Eun Taek wondered out loud what Yoo Jung found attractive about Seol.  Bora told him Seol has a lot of attractive traits, but she was only able to come up with one reason…she’s responsible.  Hahaha very honest answer Bora!

While they were teasing her, Seol received a call from Teaching Assistant Heo who informed her that she can work as an office aid during school break.  She was puzzled about the offer since she did not apply for it but still accepted it because she needs money to save for her tuition.  She decided to make the first move this time and texted Yoo Jung about her new part-time job.  She nervously waited for his reply and got disappointed when he only told her to have a nice break.  She thought he had no plans of seeing her during school break.

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Teaching Assistant Heo was grumpy towards her since she started her part-time job with them and made her do all sort of chores which worn her out.  One day, Yoo Jung dropped by to see her which surprised everyone so he admitted that they are dating.  He thanked Heo for giving Seol a part-time job and he eyed him meaningfully as he informed him that he registered for classes during break so he will come by often.

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It was their first time to talk after the night that he asked her to date him so Seol felt awkward with him again.  Yoo Jung told her that he wanted to see her since she did not contact him after she texted him about her part-time job.  She told him she thought he was not going to see her during school break but he explained he just meant it literally and did not realize that she will think differently.  He apologized and asked her to go on a date with him during the weekend.

Seol took In Ho’s advice and wore something bright for her date with Yoo Jung.  In Ho happened to pass by while she was fixing her hair and eyed her from head to toe and started to tease and annoy her.  He told her he just came back from an interview.  She told him he looks like a thug and then she started to point out his flaws and advised him to wear proper clothes when he goes for an interview to leave a good impression.  Then In Ho pointed out her grandma style look which made her run away and change her clothes before meeting Yoo Jung for their date.

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Seol saw her reflection on the glass door and fixed her hair before entering the movie house.  Yoo Jung saw her from afar and he smiled as he imaginarily patted her head with his finger.  He looked at her with adoring eyes as he told her she looked nice which made Seol blush.

Chese in the Trap Episode 4 Summary LeiTbloomer 20Chese in the Trap Episode 4 Summary LeiTbloomer 23

He suggested that they play video games before they watch the movie.  He does not usually spend time in the arcade so Seol gave him instructions on how to play but he did great and even set a new record.  Seol was surprised and got so excited that she went for a high-five but he handed over the gun instead because he thought she wanted to try it too…The rest of their date was awkward as she realized how different they are from each other.  She prefers action movies but Yoo Jung chose a different movie genre.  She ordered the cheapest item in the menu while he even ordered an expensive wine as if it’s nothing.

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In Ho followed Seol’s advice and dressed properly for an interview.  He got the job as a janitor and was even hired as an ad model and part-time English instructor in a tutorial center.  In Ha called him and asked for money because Yoo Jung asked his father to suspend her credit cards so she will try to persevere and get a job to support herself.

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Yoo Jung drove Seol home and they talked about her part-time job.  She said she was planning to self-study English during school break so she can take the speaking test but she was not able to do that since she has too much work.  He told her he knows someone who owns a tutorial center and offered to help her.  They arrived at her place and he was gentleman enough to open the door for her.  Good job Yoo Jung!

Seol was drained as she got inside her room.  She wondered if all dates were awkward and uncomfortable like the one she had with Yoo Jung.  She felt tired and hungry so she went out to eat at a convenience store.  In Ho was there and they ate together.  She noticed he is ambidextrous so he told her he used to be left-handed but he got into an accident and injured his hand because of Yoo Jung.  He warned her again to be careful of him.

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They walked home together and he noticed she looked down so he advised her not to take in everything and speak up for herself.  She learned quickly and yelled at him and told him he is one of her biggest stressor.  As soon as she got home, she received a text from Yoo Jung who informed her that he had spoken to the director of the tutorial center.  She went there the following day and was informed that she is getting free classes!  She was surprised to see In Ho on her way out and he informed her they will be seeing each other often since he works there.

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She went back to her place and saw her landlady’s grandson.  She asked him to fix her window since there is a pervert and robber in the neighborhood.  She got a call from Yoo Jung while she was getting her window fixed.  She informed her that the tutorial center waived her tuition fee.  Yoo Jung pretended he does not know it but as he was talking to her, he was on his way to see the director of the tutorial center to personally thank him for taking her in for free.  He told the director she is his girlfriend but his father does not know it yet so he asked him to keep it just between the two of them.  His face suddenly changed when he saw In Ho was their ad model.  The director told him that In Ho works for them.

Yoo Jung visited Seol at work and brought coffee for everyone.  They went out to talk and he asked her about the tutorial center, trying to fish out information from her about In Ho.  She did not mention In Ho since she thought it is better to leave it that way because they do not seem to get along well.  Yoo Jung went along with her though he already knows she is keeping that information from him.

Seol went back to work and saw Joo Yeon there.  One of the staff mentioned to her that Yoo Jung went there to see Seol.  Joo Yeon asked Seol to talk with her and she confronted Seol about her relationship with Yoo Jung.  She also confessed that she ordered the drunken man to go to her and told her Yoo Jung just left even when she told him Seol was in danger.  Joo Yeon apologized but Seol sensed she is not sincere and told her that she does not want to see her ever again, which is the exact same thing Yoo Jung said to her after that incident.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 4 Summary LeiTbloomer 33Cheese in the Trap Episode 4 Summary LeiTbloomer 34

Flashback from the incident with the drunken man, Joo Yeon went back to check on Seol and saw she was hurt and was being escorted by the security guard.  Yoo Jung appeared out of nowhere.  It turned out he left to call the security officers.  Joo Yeon asked him to let her off the hook.  He was obviously mad and disappointed but relented as he told her that he does not want to see her ever again.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 4 Summary LeiTbloomer 30Chese in the Trap Episode 4 Summary LeiTbloomer 31

Seol was bothered by what Joo Yeon told her and began to question Yoo Jung’s sincerity towards her.  In Ho saw she is bothered by something again so he tried to divert her attention and asked her to fold the test papers into planes.  In Ho’s planes did not fly well but Seol’s planes flew smoothly and this made her laugh, which made In Ho relieved.

Chese in the Trap Episode 4 Summary LeiTbloomer 37Cheese in the Trap Episode 4 Summary LeiTbloomer 37

There was a heavy downpour when they were about to go home.  In Ho made a bet with Seol that the loser will buy the umbrella and they raced towards the convenience store.  They walked home together and In Ho asked her what was bothering her.  Then Seol asked him if he is telling the truth that Yoo Jung was at fault for what happened to his hand.  In Ho asked her to tell him more but she wouldn’t and they started to argue until they reached her front door and they saw Yoo Jung standing there, waiting for her.  She approached him guiltily because she did not tell him that she met In Ho at the tutorial center, but Yoo Jung pretended as if it is nothing and just told her he came to check her windows and door.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 4 Summary LeiTbloomer 41Cheese in the Trap Episode 4 Summary LeiTbloomer 41

In Ho interrupted them and he expressed out loud his amazement that Yoo Jung can actually care for others.  Then Yoo Jung turned to him and flatly told him, “Because she is my girlfriend.”

Cheese in the Trap Episode 4 Summary LeiTbloomer 43

Comments: I am relieved Bora and Seol made up.  It will be a waste if they let go of the friendship they have over some misunderstanding. I am also glad Eun Taek took the initiative to arrange them to meet each other so they can talk things over.

Joo Yeon’s insecurities towards Seol had been more apparent as she disclosed her part regarding the drunken man who attacked Seol.  Yoo Jung did not directly rescue Seol but he did call the security and went there to check on Seol, but Joo Yeon had been selfish until the last minute and intentionally did not let her know about this.

I do not know how In Ha can live comfortably spending someone else’s money. We can tell that In Ho is more responsible and independent between the two of them. I hope she cooperates with Yoo Jung and his father while they are still being nice to her.

I can sense a love triangle brewing up between In Ho, Seol and Yoo Jung though I can feel Seol is more into Yoo Jung.  Seol is always awkward around him, but don’t we always act that way when we like someone? Yoo Jung tries his best to reach out to Seol in a way that she will not be burdened by it as he tries to be subtle in helping her find a part-time job and get a free class from the tutorial center.  However, In Ho has the ability to see through her and seems more fun to be with because Seol is more comfortable with him although they are most of the time aiming at each other’s throat, teasing and annoying each other.

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2 thoughts on “Cheese in the Trap: Episode 4 Summary

  1. I already have second lead syndrome. I really like In Ho! I do ship Yoo Jung and Seol but there is something really nice and warm about In Ho and Seol’s freindship.
    I agree, In Ha is soo characterless. She thinks she can get away with anything. Man she’s sooo annoying.

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    1. Yeah me too, I always have the second lead syndrome! Though I like Yoo-Seol couple, I also love how In Ho takes care of Seol. It would be nice if Seol can get the two boys to patch things up. :-)

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