Cheese in the Trap: Episode 3 Summary

Last episode,  Yoo Jung had been really nice to Seol.  He helped her with her report, defended her from Joo Yeon’s advances and even tended her wound which was inflicted by the drunken homeless guy who attacked her because of Joo Yeon.  She eventually agreed to eat with him and they finally had a chance to talk and settle their misunderstandings about each other.  Since Seol thought Yoo Jung is a good guy, she agreed to help Ah-Young and set them up together.  However, Yoo Jung was displeased and thought she is just just like everybody else who approached him with ulterior motives.

Now Yoo Jung is back to his old cold self just like last year.  She tried to apologize and explain but he just ignored her.

Teacher Kang announced that they will have group presentation.  Seol ended up being in the same group as Min Soo, Da Young and Sang Cheol and was assigned as the group leader.  She had lunch with Ah-Young after her class.  Ah-Young updated her about her dinner with Yoo Jung.  She said he suddenly turned cold after Seol left them especially after she informed him that Bora arranged a date for Seol.  Ah-Young told Seol that she thinks Yoo Jung likes her.

While she was debating with herself and banging her head lightly against her locker, Bora showed up with food coupons as peace offering for the unsuccessful blind date with Chi Myung.  Bora was so worried that Seol is mad at her because she is not answering her calls and texts but Seol clarified that she lost her phone.  Bora lent hers so Seol can contact her phone.  She was able to contact In Ho and agreed to meet him so she can have her phone back.Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 2Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 3She arrived at the restaurant and ended up paying his entire bill in exchange for her phone.  He asked if she is dating Yoo Jung because it is very unlikely for him to act that way especially since he would not typically fall for a girl like her.  Seol was obviously insulted but In Ho advised her to be careful of Yoo Jung because he is not everything he seems to be.

She went home thinking about the negative things In Ho told her about Yoo Jung and became so frustrated that she let it out loudly and that was the time she and In Ho became aware of each others’ presence.  She thought he was following her but In Ho pointed out she was behind him.  She made up excuses and hurriedly went the opposite direction.  She arrived home and received a message from In Ho, “See you again, Dog Fur.”

She had a meeting for the group project and tried to divide the chores equally but her teammates did not cooperate much.  Yoo Jung’s group arrived and she tried to finish off the meeting and offered the room to them but he just ignored her.  Min Do Hyun saw Seol and introduced himself.

While they were having a meeting, Do Hyun expressed he is interested in Seol.  After their meeting, Yoo Jung happened to see Seol alone in the meeting room.  His teammate expressed sympathy towards Seol and he pointed out that Yoo Jung and Seol are very alike, always losing out in the end because they are too busy considering others.

Seol scheduled another meeting with her team but all of them did not show up.  She saw Sang Cheol’s Facebook update that he is in a bar drinking with his friends.  This infuriated her to the point that she even went to look for him to be able to confront him.  Do Hyun saw her and persuaded her to drink with them.Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 10Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 11Meanwhile, Yoo Jung was in a meeting with one of his teammates when he realized that the printout he needed was mixed up with Do Hyun’s.  He called him to look for it and while they were talking, his teammate heard that Seol was with them.  He informed Yoo Jung that Do Hyun gets girls drunk until they black out and takes them to motels and Seol might probably end up like them.  Yoo Jung looked concerned as he got up and told him he will meet Do Hyun and get the printout.

Yoo Jung arrived just in time when Seol was being escorted out by Do Hyun.  Yoo Jung quickly grabbed her and told Do Hyun that he will take her home since Do Hyun is drunk as well.  Yoo Jung dragged the drunken Seol hurriedly outside and told her to pull herself together.  He pushed her inside the taxi, paid the driver and requested to take her home.Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 12Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 13Yoo Jung was confronted by Do Hyun who was obviously pissed off because Yoo Jung intervened with his plans about Seol.  Yoo Jung threatened to inform the company Do Hyun is interning about his behavior and told him to get his act together unless he wants to live as an unemployed loser forever.  This suddenly made him realize that Yoo Jung is capable of doing this.Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 14Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 15Seol was able to make it home.  The next day, she was rushing to get to the elevator but when she saw that Yoo Jung was inside, she backed out.

In Ho, In Ha and Yoo Jung was invited over by Yoo Jung’s father for dinner.  He was really glad to see them all together.  He summoned In Ho to his office after dinner and told him to forget the past and tried to convince him to start playing piano again.  He offered to help him but In Ho declined.

In Ho got involved in a heated exchange with Yoo Jung again to the point that he became so ill tempered and knocked off the side mirror of Yoo Jung’s car.  He talked about the past and continued to blame Yoo Jung for what happened to him. Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 27Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 28The night before the group presentation, Seol was out of her wits trying to finish all the work by herself.  Nobody is replying to her messages when in fact all of her teammates are logged in to Facebook.  She felt frustrated but convinced herself that there is no point in getting mad and that getting good grades in order to maintain her scholarship is more important.  She stayed up all night and did not even sleep just to get it all done.  However, during the presentation, Professor Kang noticed that her group was unprepared and no one was able to answer her questions correctly except Seol who obviously did everything so she gave them all D for their presentation.Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary LeiTbloomer 1Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary LeiTbloomer 2Seol was devastated and did not have the energy to think about what she will do once class is over.  Bora and Eun Taek was so riled up and excited for the upcoming vacation to the point that Seol became annoyed when Bora kept on asking her where they will go for vacation.  Seol explained she got a D and she did not feel like talking about trips because she does not even know where she will get the money for her tuition fee.  Bora stomped off and walked away obviously hurt that Seol can’t even open up to her even if they have been friends since high school.  Eun Taek was caught in between their bickering and tried to console Seol before he followed Bora.Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 21Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 22Yoo Jung was in his car when he saw Seol passing by.  He looked concerned about what happened to Seol’s group presentation and looked like he wanted to console her though they did not get a chance to talk after he took her away from Do Hyun the other night.  He called her but she did not hear him because she had her earphones on.  He followed her silently until they reached her neighborhood. Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 23Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 24In Ho suddenly appeared and took Seol’s bag away from her.  Yoo Jung stopped on his tracks and just stood there watching the two of them talk.  In Ho noticed that Seol looked down.  She tried to open up but could not get herself to talk so she just continued walking.  In Ho continued to follow her and placed a juice pack on her forehead to cool her down.  In Ho said, “I don’t know what it is but cool off and forget it.  It’s just harder for you if you hold onto it.”  For the first time, Seol smiled before they both headed home.Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 26At home, Yoo Jung called his father and asked him to help In Ho and In Ha to learn how to be self-sufficient.  His father thought it was a good idea and agreed to Yoo Jung’s suggestion.  However, he informed him In Ho does not want any help.  So Yoo Jung told his father that they should at least help In Ha.  He called her immediately after he ended the conversation with his father.  In Ha was glad he called her but was so stubborn and did not want to cooperate.  Yoo Jung told her this is her last chance and then he hung up.Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary LeiTbloomer 3Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary LeiTbloomer 4After the incident about the group presentation, Seol continued to do her part-time jobs. The remaining days at school had been tough since she and Bora had not made up yet and her teammates had been continuously defensive about the outcome of their group presentation.

In a voiceover, she narrated, “I had no time to look sideways.  I looked straight ahead so that I would not fall.  And I thought I had lived harder than anyone else around me…If this whole thing was not someone else’s fault and it was mine, the only thing I can do is the one thing I have to do now.”

Just as she was trying to look for another coin so she can have coffee, someone else inserted the coin in the vending machine and then walked away, it was Yoo Jung…She called him and he turned around to face her.  They talked and she finally was able to explain herself about why she set up a date with Ah Young without Yoo Jung’s permission.  Yoo Jung admitted he acted childishly and asked her to forget about the things that they were upset about each other.Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 32Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 34She invited him to have dinner with her.  Yoo Jung jokingly provoked her and asked how much would she spend for that.  Seol was flustered and was obviously trying to mentally calculate how much she can afford, she just told him, “Just eat what you want.”  Yoo Jung picked the convenience store, again.  Then he showed off how he can expertly unwrap his triangle kimbap.  He looked so proud as he informed her that he had been practicing, how adorable!!! Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 35Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 36He walked her home.  Seol kept on glancing towards his direction so he asked her what she was thinking.  Seol honestly told him she was glad they made up because it was uncomfortable not getting along with him.  Yoo Jung confessed he felt that way too but he just did not let it show.  Then she asked if he know In Ho and explained that she lost her phone and he was the one who got it back for her.  Yoo Jung told her to ignore In Ho and do not get close to him.  She felt that there is something more than that but did not ask any more questions.

He looked around and observed that her neighborhood can be dangerous for woman to walk alone at night.  He told her he would walk her home from now on but she said there is no need to do it and thanked him as soon as they reached her front door.  He just stood there and stared at her which made her feel awkward.  She bid good bye and turned away to get in but Yoo Jung held her wrist and made her turn to look at him.  He held onto her as he looked deeply into her eyes, then he asked her to date him.Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 37Cheese in the Trap Episode 3 Summary_LeiTbloomer 38

Comments: Where did that question come from Yoo Jung ah? Anyway, I am still glad you asked Seol to date you haha!  Seol, don’t turn down Yoo Jung this time! Though it is obvious that Yoo Jung has a temper and seems cold to other people, I can tell he sincerely like Seol this time.  They disliked each other in the beginning because they misunderstood each other, but now that they have gotten closer, it is obvious that Yoo Jung is genuinely concerned about Seol.  He acted childish about being set up on a date with Ah Young and pretended to ignore Seol, but he still showed up to rescue her from Do Hyun’s advances while she was drunk.  He was worried about her and followed her home when she was depressed and he was obviously envious about how easy and natural for In Ho to interact with Seol.

We can see from what happened about her group presentation that Seol is a responsible person but Professor Kang pointed out that quitting on others is easier but communication is essential.  Seol does seem to have trouble expressing her feelings.  She cannot even turn down her seniors and had gotten herself drunk and she failed to explain her situation and had an argument with Bora.

Yoo Jung’s father seem to favor In Ha and In Ho a lot and it is good to know that In Ho wanted to be independent unlike his sister.  However, In Ho is still blaming them for what happened to him.  I hope he plays piano again because I can see the longing in his eyes when he saw the piano. He does seem to have a rough personality but I’m glad that he is sensitive enough to offer a friendly advice to Seol when he saw her upset over something.  It will be interesting to see how their friendship will grow and how Seol will manage both In Ho and Yoo Jung.

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2 thoughts on “Cheese in the Trap: Episode 3 Summary

  1. I was pleasantly surprised when he asked her out and she said yes. Like that doesn’t really happen! Usually people start dating later in a drama. So in that sense, this one is quite quick paced.
    I kinda feel bad tho for Yoo Jung. He doesn’t seem to care much for In Ho and In Ha probably because his father always favoured those two over him. So his dislike kinda makes sense.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I got so giddy when he asked her out! I can sense some danger in him but I can tell he really likes her :-) You have a point about Yoo Jung’s father. He seems overly nice towards In Ho and In Ha so Yoo Jung thinks they are taking advantage of him.


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