Cheese in the Trap: Episode 2 Summary

Last episode, Hong Seol, who initially enrolled at Professor Han’s class (together with her friends Bora and Eun Taek as well as Yoo Jung and Joo Yeon) but was purposely dropped out by someone (who she initially thought was Yoo Jung but turned out to be her bossy senior Sang Cheol) is now taking Professor Kang’s class.  She thought it turned out better because not having to be in the same class as Yoo Jung is worth it.

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Now seated and determined to do well at Professor Kang’s class, she was surprised that Yoo Jung showed up and announced that he switched classes because he thinks it will be more interesting to take this class over the other one.  Of course, flustered but definitely flattered, Professor Kang gladly accepted him.  Yoo Jung went directly to where Seol was seated and took the seat next to hers.  He greeted her with his so innocent and charming smile, which I think any girl can get swooned over except Seol, who almost had a mental breakdown with the sudden turn of events.  As soon as the class was done, she hurriedly gathered her things and leave, not even giving Yoo Jung a chance to talk to her.

Since they have more reasons to see each other now, Yoo Jung had been more consistently friendly with her.  It seems as though he has been purposely following her around but she would often avoid and ignore him.  Whenever they get a chance to talk, he would not miss the chance to greet her.  Whenever it is mealtime, he would suddenly appear like a ghost and ask her to eat with him, which of course she would always decline.

“No matter how much I try to avoid him, I think he is doing them on purpose.Cheese in the Trap  Episode 2 Summary LeiTbloomer 2.jpg

One time, she lost her temper and had enough.  She decided to talk to him and get things over with.  She asked for his forgiveness for all the things she had wronged him for.  This caught him off guard but he did not accept her apologies unless she eats with him.  Seol cannot say no this time as she had run out of reasons to turn him down (he even knows her schedule).  Whatever Yoo Jung wants, Yoo Jung gets haha!

They ended up eating a triangle kimbap at a convenience store.  Yoo Jung wanted to buy her a better meal but she assured him it does not matter to her at all.  He does not always buy food from the convenience store so his triangle kimbap was a mess because he does not know how to peel the packaging (uhm, me too!).  He smiled at her when she offered her triangle kimbap in exchange to his.  Seol was thinking, “Get a hold of yourself Hong Seol.  Don’t fall for his smile.  He is cunning like a snake.”

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He even surprised her more when he apologized for being so persistently pursuing her to eat with him.  He explained to her that he just wanted to talk to her and he understands she has all the reasons to suspect him for dropping her from Professor Han’s class.  As he was explaining himself, she started to question her suspicions and seemed to slightly weaken her defenses one by one.

As they were about to part ways, they met Seol’s younger friend, Ah-Young, who immediately got smitten by Yoo Jung.  She asked more details about him as soon as they were out of his earshot.  Seol became protective of her and told her she should be more careful in dealing with men.

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In-Ho eventually went to visit the university Yoo Jung is attending and unknowingly followed a homeless guy and ended up spending the night in the campus.  As soon as he woke up, he chanced upon Seol and asked for directions.  Seol hesitated to answer him and was obviously scared of him. He was about to confront her but the police came after him and the homeless guy.  Seol accidentally fell to the ground and her laptop got broken.

She tried to borrow laptop from her classmates so she can retype her report but was turned down.  Yoo Jung observed how distressed she was so he offered his laptop.  He tried to dodge Professor Kang’s attention so Seol can finish her report without getting caught.  He even offered to collect the reports so Seol can have more time to get hers done.  As soon as the class was over, Yoo Jung approached Seol and stared at her so intensely that she got conscious about it.

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Yoo Jung:  Am I distracting you?

Seol:  Yes.

Yoo Jung:  I’m glad, because you are distracting me a lot lately too.

Seol:  W-h-a-t?!

She had no time to question him further because she needs to finish her report.

She encountered another problem when her report won’t even print, so Yoo Jung helped her again.  He went to where she was seated and hover over her as he reached for the keyboard.  She got so self-conscious about this indirect skinship that she tried to break free but to no avail he just ignored her and went on to type in some keywords and then the printer worked fine.

Cheese in the Trap  Episode 2 Summary LeiTbloomer 5

Joo Yeon entered the room as they got finished printing the report.  She had been writhing in jealousy for the attention Yoo Jung has been giving Seol.  She followed Yoo Jung who went to Teaching Assistant Heo’s office to submit the reports.  He already left when she arrived but she saw Seol’s report and stole it.  She was caught by Seol and they had a confrontation.  Yoo Jung overheard it and asked Seol to go ahead and submit her report as he clear things out with Joo Yeon.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 2 Summary LeiTbloomer 18

Yoo Jung followed Seol at Professor Kang’s office and requested to accept Seol’s report and deduct points from his report because it was his fault her report was late.  Professor Kang accepted it but made it clear she cannot give it any higher than B.

The library was full and there was no seat available so Seol used Eun Taek’s club room so she can study for the exam.  Joo Yeon was passing by and saw her there.  She was approached by the drunken homeless man who asked her for money but she pointed him towards Seol’s direction.  Joo Yeon told him Seol would give him the money.

Then Joo Yeon came running to Yoo Jung and told him Seol is in danger, but he thought something is off because she could have had asked the security officers near the building instead of looking for him.  He told her since she made things happen, she should resolve it on her own and then he just drove off and left her.  Joo Yeon was obviously pleased with his response.

The drunken man saw Seol and grabbed her by the wrist.  She got scared and tried to free herself so the drunken man accidentally scraped her with the broken soju bottle he was holding.  Thankfully, the security officers arrived just in time and dragged the drunken man away from Seol.

Cheese in the Trap  Episode 2 Summary LeiTbloomer 8Cheese in the Trap  Episode 2 Summary LeiTbloomer 9

The next morning Yoo Jung saw Seol in front of the vending machine.  He helped her to get her coffee and opened it for her.  He saw her arm and asked her about it but she just brushed it off and lied that she scratched it while opening a can of tuna.  Yoo Jung was concerned and carried her books. He held her hand and told her to follow him.  They sat on a bench as he tended her wound.  She was reluctant to let him do it but he was persistent so he got his way.

Seol thought to herself, “Is he really worried about me?” As if he heard her, Yoo Jung said, “I’m saying this because I’m concerned.  If you’re having a hard time, talk to me.  I’ll help you.” 

Seol was sitting in a corner and copying the notes which Yoo Jung lent her when she was approached by Sang Cheol.  He ordered her to look into Jae Woo’s laptop for the past report he had done so he can copy it.  While she was browsing through the folders, she accidentally saw the receipts from last year’s dinner party which was posted online to prove Sang Cheol was using membership funds which made it more clear to her that Yoo Jung had always been innocent and she mistakenly suspected him all this time.

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She hesitantly approached Yoo Jung who was alone waiting for his turn for the graduation picture.  She returned his notes and lingered for a while before she stuttered and invited Yoo Jung to have dinner with her.  He was obviously surprised by this.  She explained she wanted to thank him for helping her and she felt sorry for misunderstanding him in the past.  He seemed pleased by this and asked that they take a picture together.  He went to her side and snapped his phone before she could even answer.  She wanted to erase it but he thinks the picture turned out well and she looks cute on it haha!

At home, Seol received a call from Ah-Young.  She told her she met Yoo Jung again and she was glad he remembered her name.  He was so nice and he even bought drinks for her and her friends.  She asked Seol to set her up with him.  Seol thinks Yoo Jung seems like a good guy so she agreed.

The following day, Seol was kidnapped by Eun Taek and Bora for a makeover.  Bora changed her clothes and shoes, did her makeup and fixed her hair.  She went to her class limping, obviously not used to wearing heels, as she self-consciously covered her face.  Yoo Jung saw her and thought she looked different.  She said she has something to do afterwards and she knows she looks strange but Yoo Jung disagreed and looked sincere when he said she looked pretty (OMG, butterflies in my stomach!).

Cheese in the Trap  Episode 2 Summary LeiTbloomer 19Cheese in the Trap  Episode 2 Summary LeiTbloomer 20

Seol asked Yoo Jung to have dinner with her after class which he gladly accepted.  They met Ah-Young there and they ate together.  Seol tried to build up Ah-Young but went overboard and Yoo Jung saw through this but just let it passed.  She awkwardly stood up to get a coffee then hurriedly took off and left the two of them to finish their meal.  Ah-Young informed him Bora set up Seol to have a blind date that day so she dressed up prettily and Yoo Jung was obviously not pleased about it…Hmm are you really starting to like Seol???

Cheese in the Trap  Episode 2 Summary LeiTbloomer 22Cheese in the Trap Episode 2 Summary LeiTbloomer 21

Dinner date was a disaster as Seol’s date turned out to be such a major airhead.  She tried to tolerate it even when it came to the point that he almost insulted her for having such a boring life.  In-ho happened to pass by and recognized Seol.  He heard their conversation and butted in again (it must be a hobby of his).  In-ho put the airhead jerk into his rightful place and Seol gave the jerk some scolding as well and left frustrated and pissed off at both of them that she even forgot her phone.

Cheese in the Trap  Episode 2 Summary LeiTbloomer 11Cheese in the Trap  Episode 2 Summary LeiTbloomer 12

She went home and she saw Yoo Jung waiting for her in front of her house.  She asked him about his dinner with Ah-Young and he looked at her with steely cold eyes and bitter smile.  He expressed his disappointment and told her she is just like everyone else who approached him with ulterior motives and that it is hard for him to even have a meal with her. It struck her and was obviously hurt by his harsh words.

Cheese in the Trap  Episode 2 Summary LeiTbloomer 13

Yoo Jung received a call from Seol as he was driving home but he was taken aback that instead of Seol he heard a familiar male voice on the other line, it was Baek In-Ho.  He met with him and he asked him to return the phone to Seol.  This made In-Ho wonder about Yoo Jung’s relationship with Seol.  Yoo Jung told him it is none of his business and told him to stop hanging around the people in his life.  He told him he should not do anything stupid and just return the phone to Seol.

Cheese in the Trap  Episode 2 Summary LeiTbloomer 16

In-Ho was was obviously disappointed by Yoo Jung’s indifference towards him after not seeing each other for many years.  He suddenly thought of the good times they’ve had with In-Ha and how things turned out the opposite way, but then he brushed them off and told himself there’s really nothing to expect from Yoo Jung.

Comments:  I am glad Seol is starting to see the good side of Yoo Jung in this episode to the point that I am really starting to think and feel that he is deliberately doing this to be close to her.  I think he likes her.  She looks awkward and has unruly curls but I like her and find her really cute.  I like her determination too even though sometimes I think she is too obsessed about her grades…but then I was like that too when I was a student so point taken!  As for Joo Yeon doing immature and dangerous stuff to Seol, I’m glad that Yoo Jung made it clear to her that he is not giving her any special treatment like what she claimed.  However, why did he not rescue Seol but looked concerned the following day?  I know my heart did a somersault when he held her hand and helped her carry her books and tended her wound, but why why why didn’t he rescue her from the drunken guy?!!!  What’s going on Yoo Jung-ah?!  I am also starting to wonder how In Ho and Yoo Jung’s relationship turned so bad when they seemed so close before.  Given the kind of thinking and how Yoo Jung manipulates other people, I can’t help but wonder if he is really to be blamed for what happened to In Ho’s hand.

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2 thoughts on “Cheese in the Trap: Episode 2 Summary

  1. Great review! Love how everything was so detailed :)
    About Yoo Jung Sunbae not rescuing her…umm as much as I wanted him to, i think we all really need to get used to the fact that he’s not your typical K-drama main lead :P

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    1. Hi amandaj19! Yeah, Yoo Jung is not the typical knight in shining armour male lead. He has this innocent boyish charm but also has a dark side of him which makes me drawn more to his character. I want to understand him more and how his mind works haha! Thanks for reading, I really appreciate your feedback! :)

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