Mr. Dakgalbi Korean Restaurant

While I was planning our autumn trip to Korea last year, I asked some of my friends who usually visit Korea for their recommended Korean dish because I mostly ate street food during my spring trip since I was traveling alone and was always on the go. This time since I am touring friends who have never been to Korea, I want us to experience and try as much authentic Korean food as we can.  One particular friend highly recommended that we try dak galbi when we go to Nami Island, so that’s what we did before we headed to Nami Island Ticket Office.

Dak galbi is a Korean dish which is a combination of stir-fried marinated chicken as well as sliced cabbage, sweet potato, scallions, onions and rice cake on a hot plate.  It is known to have originated in Chuncheon County in Gangwon Province, South Korea.

Without any particular restaurant in mind, we just went into this huge restaurant near the river which is called Mr. Dakgalbi. The place was already filled with people when we arrived but since it is huge, we were still able to find a vacant table.  We chose the innermost section overlooking the river so we can eat while looking at the scenery.

Mister Dak galbi in Nami_Exterior_LeiTbloomer 2
Mr Dakgalbi Restaurant
Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant in Chuncheon_LeiTbloomer
Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant and their other popular dishes are posted on their main door.
Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant LeiTbloomer
Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant Interior
Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant in Chuncheon_LeiTbloomer
Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant Interior

We ordered dak galbi and marinated chicken.  As expected, side dishes are fresh and tasty. The marinated chicken was seasoned well and the rice cake cooked over charcoal has a nice crunch which added texture to what would otherwise be a simple dish.

Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant Side Dishes_LeiTbloomer
Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant Side Dishes
Mr. Dakgalbi  Restaurant: Marinated Chicken and Rice Cake LeiTbloomer
Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant: Marinated Chicken and Rice Cake
Mr. Dakgalbi  Restaurant
Popular Dish in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province: Dak Galbi (A Korean dish which is stir-fried marinated chicken with vegetables on a hot plate) :-)

Mr. Dakgalbi has a cute mascot in front of the restaurant and seeing him made us miss our very own Jollibee, so we had to take our picture with him before we headed to Nami Island haha!  :-)

Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant in Chuncheon_LeiTbloomer
Mr. Dakgalbi and Me :-)

I got Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant‘s calling card just in case, some of you would like to eat here (but it is written in Korean) so maybe you can ask the locals for directions. It is located in Gapyeong County in Gyeonggi Province. It is just walking distance from the taxi drop off area and bus stop and you will see it before you reach the Nami Island Ticket Office.  Nami Island is on the other side of the river in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province.

Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant Contact Number_LeiTbloomer
Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant Calling Card includes their website and contact numbers.

Web site:

Landline: (031) 582-2739

Mobile: (010) 8773-6601


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