Cheese in the Trap: Episode 1 Summary

In a club where college students hang out, Hong Seol, Eun Taek, and Bora were seated together in one table.  Hong Seol was so drunk, she kept on mumbling to herself that she will stop going to school because of someone else’s fault.  Her friends tried to convince her to just go home and get sober but then she stood up and looked for someone.  She spotted Yoo Jung who was playing billiards at that time.  She was about to sit down but lost her balance and fell from her chair.  Her friends hurriedly went to catch her and Yoo Jung rushed to see what happened.  When she saw Yoo Jung, she told him it was all his fault so she will disappear from his sight.

The reason why she had been dreading going to school started one year ago when she attended the beginning of the year party.  She just came back from taking time off from school to earn money to pay for her tuition fee.  When she arrived, her friend Bora introduced her to Eun Taek who is one year younger than them.  He is obviously in love with Bora and he is more than willing to be her servant to pursue her.  Their senior, Sang Cheol, saw Seol and persuaded her to entertain everyone by drinking soju through a lettuce wrap.  She gave in but ended throwing up just in time for her to be seen by Yoo Jung, a senior from their department who just came back from serving the military and is back as a third year student like Bora and Seol.Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_Dinner Party_LeiTbloomer

Yoo Jung is quite popular for being rich, intelligent and good looking.  Bora thinks he is too perfect so he’s not her type of guy.  Seol thinks he seems to have a cold personality.  One by one, girls from their department started giving their attention to Yoo Jung.  One girl made him a lettuce wrap which ended up in Sang Cheol’s mouth, while Joo Yeon sat beside him and tried to pour him a drink which accidentally spilled all over.  Seol was watching them closely and thinks Yoo Jung spilled it on purpose.  While they were cleaning up, she saw him smirk which confirmed her suspicion.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_At the Party 1Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_At the Party 2Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_At the Party 3After the dinner party, she saw Sang Cheol counting the membership money but she overheard him saying to another guy that they do not have membership money for another round and they need to ask everyone to pay an extra amount if they want to continue the party somewhere else.  He added that they should not worry since Yoo Jung is rich and he can pay for their expenses.  As she was heading downstairs, she saw Yoo Jung who must have heard everything, but she just went out and ignored him.
Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_At the Party 4

The next day, she was confronted by Sang Cheol who suspected her of being the one who wrote on their online board about him taking money from their membership fees.  Yoo Jung came and tried to calm Sang Cheol down.  When Sang Chol left, Seol confronted Yoo Jung and told him she knows he was there and saw everything.  Joo Yeon defended Yoo Jung from Seol’s suspicions and said he did not do it and he even tried to convince each member not to report the incident to the police and even paid back the money that went missing.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_The Confrontation

Seol saw and greeted Yoo Jung at the cafeteria but he just ignored her.  As she went out, she saw Joo Yeon who told her she was being rude for not even greeting Yoo Jung inside the cafeteria when she was the one who should be sorry for her misconceptions about him.  As Yoo Jung came out, Joo Yeon grabbed his arm and got ready to leave but he stopped and gave Seol a healthy drink which made her more confused about his personality.  He is ignoring him a while ago and now he is being too nice to her…

Joo Yeon was irritated at Seol for getting the attention of Yoo Jung so she tried to get back at her by telling Seol the wrong class schedule so she will not be able to make it on time.  Bora was able to wake Seol and she asked Eun Taek to do something to delay their professor from coming in until Seol arrives and in return she will kiss him on the cheek.  It was funny how Eun Taek got shaken about her offer and ran off with the class papers to prevent the Teaching Assistant Heo from checking their attendance while Seol is not yet there.  Eun Taek saw Seol and diverted Heo’s attention away from her so she can enter their classroom without being noticed.  He was caught by Heo and was beaten and dragged into the classroom.  Seol thinks Yoo Jung is behind all the bad things that had happened to her and has been using other people to harass her.  This time she thinks he used the love struck Joo Yeon to his advantage.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_The Class 1Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_The Class 2

After class, she saw Yoo Jung was waiting for the elevator so she opted to use the stairs to avoid him but she fell and all the pile of papers were thrown all over.  While she was gathering them up, someone stepped on them which made her look up and saw Yoo Jung who told her coldly to be more careful.  She thinks everything is not going right with him around and she has had enough so she decided to take time off school.

Past forward to present, Bora visited Seol at her at her part-time job.  Bora asked her if she remembered getting drunk and talking about leaving school.  Bora handed her the money she had been saving up for a backpacking trip so Seol can use it to pay for her tuition fee.  Though part of Seol’s reason is her tuition fee, Yoo Jung is another reason, but she just could not tell her friend she wanted to avoid him just because she thinks he had been making her life miserable since the day she accused him about what happened to Sang Cheol.  Then Bora got a call from Eun Taek who informed her that Seol got the scholarship!

The next day, they went to school early to register for their classes.  Fortunately the three of them were able to register for Professor Han’s class and avoid Professor Kang’s class.  Bora was grumpy because she has early morning classes while Seol has better schedule than hers.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_The Registration 1Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_The Registration 2

While they were walking, they saw Yoo Jung, Sang Cheol and Joo Yeon.  Sang Cheol congratulated Seol about the scholarship and asked her to treat them for a meal.  Joo Yeon informed them Seol only got the scholarship just because Teaching Assistant Heo lost Yoo Jung’s report so the scholarship went to Seol.  Seol was taken aback by this new revelation.  The main reason who made her want to quit school for a while is now the reason why she is back to school, how ironic!

She thinks it is strange so she went to the library and checked her class registration and schedule.  Yoo Jung approached her in a friendly manner and asked her to have lunch with her.  She was obviously surprised but she promptly declined.  She hastily left him without logging out from the computer.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_The Library 1Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_The Library 1Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_The Library 3

She met Bora and Eun Taek outside who told her Yoo Jung was looking for her.  She told them he asked her to eat with him.  Bora and Eun Taek thinks Yoo Jung just wanted to get along with Seol this year.  Eun Taek added she might have overreacted and mimicked Seol, “Oh my, my, does Yoo Jung like me and are we going to date now?” This earned him a smack from both girls, you deserve it haha…

Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_The Dinner 1Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_The Library

At Professor Han’s class, a lot of student attended even though it is obvious that majority of them were not registered and were just taking their chance to plead and see if he will accept them.  Professor Han politely told the unregistered students to take a leave while he is checking the attendance.  He finished calling the names of the student except Seol.  After class, she went to Teaching Assistant Heo to check what had gone wrong and she found out that someone else modified her class schedule and dropped her from Professor Han’s class.

While she was attending another class, she cannot stop thinking about how she will lose her scholarship if she takes Professor Kang’s class.  It made her sink just thinking that she will have to take another semester off again just because of this.  While she was so engrossed with her thoughts, Yoo Jung approached her and greeted her.  It turns out they are both taking the same class together.  Her brief encounter with him suddenly gave her and idea that he probably has something to do with her class modification because he was there while she was checking her schedule in the library computer.

After class, he went after her and asked her to have dinner with him which she again declined.  He asked her if she is uncomfortable being with him but she said she has to plead Professor Han to accept her into his class.  She told him she thinks someone deliberately cancelled her class.  He asked him if she knows who did this but she said she is not sure yet.  Yoo Jung went to see Teaching Assistant Heo and asked him to check who cancelled Seol’s class.  Professor Han declined Seol’s request and she had no choice but to take Professor Kang’s class.

Yoo Jung went to Seol’s part-time job.  He ordered one Americano and one strawberry shake but he only took the Americano and said the strawberry shake is for her…I do not know why but it made my heart skip a bit by this gesture haha!

Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_Strawberry Shake

While she was browsing through the books at the library after attending Professor Kang’s class, her classmate Min Soo approached her.  Min Soo hesitated but it must be out of concern for Seol that she told her she saw what Yoo Jung did in the library.  As Seol was about to leave and check the security cameras by herself to confirm what Min Soo told her, she saw Yoo Jung who asked her to meet him in front of the library so they can both check on the security cameras.  He did not show up so she checked the footage with Bora and Eun Taek.  They saw that Yoo Jung left after she hurriedly went out, but they did not see that another guy went to use the computer.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_The Library A

At the rooftop, Sang Cheol confessed to Yoo Jung that he just went to use the computer and someone had not logged out.  He was desperate because he needed to graduate so he dropped Seol from the course but when he was about to register, someone had already taken Seol’s slot.

Seol saw Yoo Jung on her way home, she asked him why he did not tell her it was not him and he asked her, “If I told you it wasn’t me, would you believe me?”  She thought to herself, “No, I wouldn’t believe you.”  Thoughts started running through her head, she wanted to know why he dropped the scholarship and why is he taking the same class as hers, but she could not bring herself to ask him because she is not ready to trust his answers…yet.  Then he asked her again to eat dinner with him which caught her off guard again and blurted out that she does not eat dinner.

That night at her room, she consoled herself that someone else must have been so desperate and needed to be in Professor Han’s class instead of her.  At that same night, Sang Cheol received a call from his mother.  He lied to her and told her he is eating an expensive meal when in fact is just eating canned tuna.  He told her he is still deciding on which company he will work with when he graduates and told her not to worry about him.

Seated at the corner of a condominium, Baek In Ho overheard a guy insulting a woman who turned out to be his sister, Baek In Ha.  He butted in so the guy hurriedly ran off before In Ho lose his temper and hit him.  She was surprised that he’s back after disappearing for a number of years.  She told him Yoo Jung is back too and tried to call him but her calls were rejected.  She pretended he answered and had a monologue.  She lied to Inho and told him Yoo Jung is busy studying for an exam so he cannot meet them yet.  She told him he should contact him or meet him at school.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_Baek InHoCheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_InHa

Seol attended Professor Kang’s class, determined more than ever to work hard.  She convinced herself she might learn more from her and consoled herself that not having to be in the same class as Yoo Jung is worth it.  Then as in complete mockery to her thoughts, he suddenly showed up in the same class as hers and told Professor Han that he switched classes.  He went in and took the seat next to hers and gave her an angelic smile while she proceeded to have a mental breakdown haha!

Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_You Again 1Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_You Again 2Cheese in the Trap Episode 1 Summary_You Again 3

Comments: I am glad the story is quick and so many things happened in just one episode. I am wondering about the true personality of Yoo Jung.  Does he dislike or like Seol?  Why did he suddenly change from being cold to being friendly towards her?  I am sure if I am Seol I would really be confused about this and would really find it weird and awkward to even eat with him.  Seol has a lot of things in her plate, it is hard enough to earn her tuition fee and deal with her unruly schoolmates so it is a relief she can rely on Bora and Eun Taek at times like this.  I hope Bora dates Eun Taek, they are really cute together.  As for Sang Cheol dropping Seol from her class for his own gain, I somehow pitied him when I saw his situation but I hope he stops taking advantage of others.

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