Myeongdong Global Hostel in Seoul

For my first trip in Korea last April 2015, I originally booked for one bed in a dormitory room at Zaza Backpackers Hostel one month before my trip through their website and I received a confirmation the following day. To secure my reservation, I was asked to email them twice, 15 days before and 5 days before my check-in date. Upon my arrival, I was informed that I will be staying at Myeongdong Global Hostel which is just one corner apart from Zaza Backpackers.

I actually like the room that they assigned to me because it was located in the first floor so I do not have to climb stairs (they do not have elevator).  In order to enter, I was given the security code so I can unlock the main door.

Myeongdong Global Hostel LeiTbloomer 11
Myeongdong Global Hostel is open 24 hours so in order to get in anytime, they provide pass code for the electronic door lock which their guests can use to enter the main door.
Myeongdong Global Hostel LeiTbloomer 4
Myeongdong Global Hostel 1st floor. I was assigned to Room 105.
Myeongdong Global Hostel Room
Room 105 at Myeongdong Global Hostel
Myeongdong Global Hostel LeiTbloomer Room Key
Myeongdong Global Hostel Room Key


Rates and services may vary from the time of your booking compared to the time I stayed here because of the following changes:

August 2016: Mr. Kyungmin Jung, the owner of Zaza Backpackers Hostel informed me by leaving a comment here that he is no longer managing Myeongdong Global Hostel since December 2015.

July 2016: Sam of Myeongdong Global Hostel informed me about the change of management through email and he also clarified that Myeongdong Global Hostel and Seoul Global Hostel are the same. So do not get confused when you encounter both names while booking your accommodation.


Since I am a budget traveler, I opted to stay in a dormitory room which is ₩25,000 ( 1 person / 1 night) instead of the single room which is more expensive at ₩50,000 per night.

I paid ₩110, 000 for my accommodation (1 bed in a dormitory room for 4 nights plus 10% additional fee because I used my VISA credit card)


Myeongdong Global Hostel LeiTbloomer Reception
Myeongdong Global Hostel Reception is open from 8 am to 12 mn
Myeongdong Global Hostel toilletries
Myeongdong Global Hostel is mostly self-service, you can get your shampoo, toilet paper and towel near the entrance.

Myeongdong Global Hostel has a nice pantry where you can do light cooking (they have stove, microwave and toaster). They have water purifier for hot and cold drinks and they provide free coffee and/or tea.  I really enjoyed the brown rice tea, it was so soothing to drink.  You can store your food in the refrigerator too.  You can also use the computer and access the internet for free.

Myeongdong Global Hostel Pantry LeiTbloomer
Myeongdong Global Hostel Pantry

Myeongdong Global Hostel LeiTbloomer

Myeongdong Global Hostel
Free coffee and/or tea :-)
Myeongdong Global Hostel LeiTbloomer 7
Here is my favorite mug at Myeongdong Global Hostel. Yoon Dujun of Beast had been my loyal companion throughout my stay during the cold spring season of April 2015.
Myeongdong Global Hostel LeiTbloomer 15
Myeongdong Global Hostel Pantry/Common Area. You can use the PC and access internet for free.


Tour – They can book for all the tour and performance show even  transportation (DMZ, Nami Island,Ski Resort, Nanta)

Airport Pick-up and Send-off Service – They can can pick you up from airport or send you to the airport with a private spacious car which is good for 5 persons at  ₩75,000.

Laundry Service – Laundry service is ₩5,000 for 1 big plastic bag. You can get it on the next day.

Mobile Wi-Fi/Wifi Egg Rental – Wi-Fi Egg (₩5000 per day, ₩30000 for deposit).  You will need to inform them before your arrival if you want to rent the Wi-Fi Egg so they can check if it is available.
Myeongdong Global Hostel LeiTbloomer
Other available services provided at Myeongdong Global Hostel


1) Taking the subway is okay and cheaper but the most convenient way to get to Myeongdong Global Hostel from the airport and vice versa especially if you have big luggage is by airport limousine bus #6015 for ₩10,000.

2) Get off at Sejong Hotel.  This is the last station and it is near Tous Les Jours Bakery.

3) Cross the street then turn right towards Myeongdong Subway Exit 2 or 3.  Turn left at the corner and you will see Pacific Hotel.  Walk towards the left side of Pacific Hotel.

4) Walk straight ahead and you will pass by Twosome Place, Two Two Chicken and Mini Stop.

5) Turn to the corner after Mini Stop and you will see an apartelle which is just in front of Myeongdong Global Hostel.

Myeongdong Global Hostel LeiTbloomer 8
How to go to Myeongdong Global Hostel from Airport and vice versa.
Myeongdong Global Hostel LeiTbloomer 12
This apartelle is in front of Myeongdong Global Hostel. This is where I saw my first cherry blossom in Seoul, it made me so excited! :-)


Service – Their staff responded immediately to my email queries. They write and speak English really well. They provided me with a map and kept my luggage for a few hours when I checked out so I can still go to other places before my flight for the evening. Check in and out was a breeze.

Room -The room was clean when I arrived. They provided free towels, toilet paper, shampoo and soap but you have to get the refill near the entrance.  Rate is reasonable because the dormitory room is only for 2 persons so it is less crowded. I only had a roommate for 2 nights and I had the room all to myself for the next 2 nights. The bed was comfortable.  There are power outlets near each bed.  The hot/cold shower is connected to the faucet (which I am not used to) but it worked well. However, the toilet has no lock. No locker to store your luggage or other valuables. Wi-Fi connection is reliable and fast. Most of the time I stayed here, it was quiet. There was only a time that it gotten noisy because I can hear the noise from the people in the pantry.

Facilities – The pantry is spacious and they provide free coffee/tea and free use of the computer. The reception/lobby is open from 8am to 12 mn. There is no elevator.

Security – There is a security lock at the main door. Since they do not have curfew and they are open for 24 hours, they provide their guests with pass code which they will enter in order to get through the main door.  There is no locker in each room and the bathroom/toilet has no lock.

Location – About 5-minute walk from Myeongdong subway exit 2 and 3. Very accessible from airport through limousine bus #6015. However, it is located at an elevated place (it is at the foot of Namsan or Nam Mountain) so it is quite steep and you might find it hard to walk especially if you have big heavy luggage.  There are a lot of restaurants, street food, convenience store. The neighborhood is generally quiet and peaceful (I usually get back to the hostel before midnight).  It is very near Myeongdong Cathedral, Myeongdong shopping area, N Seoul Tower and Namsan Park. Very convenient location to explore Seoul. :-)

Will I stay here again and recommend it to my friends? YES! Overall, I was really satisfied. My stay here made my first solo trip to Seoul and my first dorm experience very comfortable. :-)

For more information about Myeongdong Global Hostel, you may also visit


14 thoughts on “Myeongdong Global Hostel in Seoul

  1. Hello! May i ask approximately how many minutes is the walking distance from global hostel to sejong hotel? Is it not difficult to travel with our luggage? And also is Myeongdong Global Hostel and Seoul Global Hostel the same? Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Andrea! Thanks for dropping by! :-) I think it will be minimum of 5 minutes walk. I suggest you take the limousine bus 6015 from airport to Myeongdong because it is more convenient that way. The location of this hostel is uphill so you will be walking against gravity especially when you have big luggage and that was the usual comments I’ve read in their review. However, I was able to tolerate it even though I have left hip and leg problems so I guess you will find it easier. Yes, I think Myeongdong Global Hostel and Seoul Global Hostel is the same. I was also confused but they show the same pictures on their site. :-)


    2. Hi Andrea,
      As of July 2016: Sam of Myeongdong Global Hostel informed me about the change of management through email and he also clarified that Myeongdong Global Hostel and Seoul Global Hostel are the same. So do not get confused when you encounter both names while booking your accommodation :-)


  2. Hi! Planning to visit korea on october sana. Ask ko lang kung which is better between zaza backpackers or myeongdong global hostel? Hehe and sobrang lapit ba niya sa myeongdong? Thanks~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I have tried both hostels and I received the same warm hospitality. For amenities, personally I think Myeongdong Global Hostel is more comfortable while Zaza has a more homey atmosphere. Zaza is closer to Myeongdong shopping area but the distance between Myeongdong Global Hostel is not that significant since both hostel are just one street corner apart. Hope this helps you decide which to choose between the two. Enjoy your visit in Seoul! :-)


      1. Omg thanks for the quick reply. May reviews ka din ba sa Zaza backpackers? 😁 Nag poprovide din sila ng towels like myeongdong global hostel?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi! I will be posting my review for Zaza Backpackers soon so hope you’ll check out my blog from time to time :-) Yup they also provide towels like Myeongdong Global Hostel :)


      3. Hi! I just posted my review for Zaza Backpackers! Hope you’ll find it helpful in deciding where to stay in Seoul. :-)

        August 2016: Mr. Kyungmin Jung, the owner of Zaza Backpackers informed me by leaving a comment here that he is no longer managing Myeongdong Global Hostel since December 2015.
        July 2016: Sam of Myeongdong Global Hostel informed me about the change of management through email and he also clarified that Myeongdong Global Hostel and Seoul Global Hostel are the same. So do not get confused when you encounter both names while booking your accommodation.


  3. Hi Lei T. This is Min who is owner of Zaza Backpackers. hope you remember be ^^ I really appreciate your good reviews of our company. I don’t manage the “global hostel” anymore since Dec.2015. Zaza backpackers is still on going and “New place” will be open in Sep.2016. it is more near to Myeong dong station with brand new facilities. please kindly keep checking out us on our website : . I will definitely get you some discount and special rewards because you’ve supported us a lot :) Hope see you again~!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Mr. Kyungmin Jung, thank you for visiting my blog ^_^ I have updated my blog post with the information that you provided. I referred a group of friends in Zaza and they stayed there last month. Your customer service is really the best and she was really happy at how one of your staff went all the way to help her get a ticket for BIGBANG movie and exhibit even if it was so hard to get one. She will be staying there again in October. I look forward to staying at Zaza again and try out your “new place” on my upcoming tour in Seoul :-)


    1. Hi Angela! Yey! I’m excited for you too! Ipon lang muna, pero you can still tour Korea on a budget naman. Just let me know so I can help you make plans for your itinerary. Your budget will depend on how long you will stay and what kind of activities you want to do and where you want to go. I want to go back again next year! :-)


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