Hwang’s Eel Restaurant (황가네꼼장군)

After successfully touring the entertainment agencies of Cube, JYP, FNC, SM and YG as well as Jong Hyun’s Dessert Cafe, I decided to push my luck more and end my K-Pop fangirling day by having dinner at Hwang’s Eel Restaurant which is owned by the father of CNBLUE’s drummer Kang Min Hyuk. It was dark and quite late so I got lost a bit because I passed by it without even realizing. I was about to quit and just go back to our hostel in Myeongdong but as I traced my way from where I started, I found it! Yehey!

Hwang Eel Restaurant 황가네꼼장군
Hwang Eel Restaurant 황가네꼼장군 is located on the 1st floor

I did my research about the restaurant but not about Min Hyuk’s father.  As I approached the restaurant, an ahjussi (middle-aged Korean man) greeted me. He looked familiar so before I entered the restaurant, I greeted him and asked him if he is Min Hyuk’s father and he said yes! I introduced myself in Korean and told him I am a big fan of CNBLUE and I bowed 90 degrees instinctively as I said that haha! ^_^

To ease your doubt away if you are in the right place, the door will let you know. It is plastered with CNBLUE pictures!
To ease your doubt away if you are in the right place, the door will let you know. It is plastered with Min Hyuk’s pictures!

The restaurant is small but homey and colorful because of the various sticky notes posted by international and local fans of CNBLUE who went here. I think 80 people would be too much for this place so perhaps it can accommodate  50 to 60 people at most.

Colorful post-it notes by Boices (CNBLUE fans) adorn the interior of Hwang Eel Restaurant

P1170435 P1170458

I saw these post-it notes plastered on the ceiling. Nice work Boice PH! ^_^

Mr. Kang led me to my table and a lady approached me and gave me the English menu. I asked her in Korean what is the best dish and she pointed the pork skirtmeat on the menu, so that’s what I ordered. I will be more adventurous and try their signature eel dish next time.

English menu for CNBLUE fans.
English menu for CNBLUE fans.

In Manila, some Korean restaurants will have their staff cook the meat for their clients but most restaurants I’ve been to including this restaurant, you will have to cook the meat for yourself. I was served the side dishes first then the meat.

P1170442 P1170439

I was trying to take a picture with my monopod so I can update my friends in Manila but I dropped my phone on the table causing some heads to turn towards me, I was so embarrassed! Then the two ahjussis who were on the table next to me, offered to take my picture. One of them asked me where I came from and if I went to Seoul alone. I told him I am from Philippines, it is my first time in Seoul, and I traveled alone. He was so surprised when I said that, probably thinking I was brave to do that. He even told me Filipinas are beautiful and he kept repeating that to me and of course I thanked him for the compliment! As we were talking, his friend who I thought was taking my picture, took a video of me instead! These ajussis were so funny so I had a great time while having a meal. After that, I overheard their conversation and their topic switched to CNBLUE, ajussi fanboys in the making haha! ^_^

After a hearty meal, I posted a note for CNBLUE and placed it in the very corner near the table where I was seated. I will make sure to check on it when I come back this November or April next year.

CNBLUE members from left to right: Jung Shin, Jong Hyun, Yong Hwa and Min Hyuk
My note on the corner simply says, CNBLUE is Love
My note on the corner simply says, CNBLUE is Love

It was almost 10 p.m. when I paid my bill. I was hoping to greet Min Hyuk’s father again before I leave. Thankfully he was there to receive my payment. I gave him a simple gift and asked him if we can take a picture together. I was not expecting he would agree because he might be busy, but he said yes! We took two photos together. Yehey! We said our good byes and he even asked me where I was staying. He gave me directions which subway entrance to take, probably worried because it was late and I might not make it to the last train. Min Hyuk’s father is really nice!

The underground shops were closing and some of the trains ceased operation so I had to change my route, which I was not prepared. It was not as easy as the previous tours I had during the day, but I still made it back to our hostel elated by how my day went so well overall.

Address:  5-2 Yeongdeungpodong 3(sam)-ga Yeongdeupo-gu, Seoul, South Korea 서울 영등포구 영등포동3가 5-2

Phone Number: 2671-6218

Operating Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 a.m.

Website: http://www.kkom.co.kr

Here is the step-by-step guide on how I made it to Hwang Eel Restaurant (minus the getting lost part):

1) From Yeoundeungpo Station Line 1 영등포, come out of Exit 5. You can also come out of Exit 1 which is the nearest to Hwang’s Eel Restaurant (see step 4) but I am not sure if it’s of the same station. I only saw it when I went home because that’s where Mr. Kang instructed me to go.


2) Walk over the main street where you will see Shinsegae. Cross the street and stay on your right side.


3) You should pass by a blue street sign (Yeongjung-ro 4 gil 옝중로 4 길) and a drug store which has a red LED sign 약.


4) Walk until you reach Yeongjung-ro 10 gil 옝중로 10 길 which is near subway entrance/exit 1, Times Square is on the opposite street.  Turn right.


5) Congratulations, you made it to Hwang Eel Restaurant. Hope you will enjoy your meal as much as I did! ^_^

P1170431 - Copy


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