Petite France

I originally wanted to go to Gapyeong to visit Petite France, Nami Island and Garden of the Morning Calm but scratched it off from my itinerary since it is far so I can just concentrate on exploring Seoul, but then I changed my mind AGAIN and went on with my previous plan. Ohhh the perks of travelling alone, you are your own boss and no one will scowl if you kept on revising and just do what you feel like doing.

It was a spur-off-the-moment decision so I arrived at Gapyeong station quite late. I went straight to their tourist information office, grabbed pamphlets of the bus schedule, Petite France and Nami Island. I had to give up Garden of the Morning Calm because I do not have enough time.  I made a separate blog post with detailed instructions on how to commute from Myeongdong to Petite France

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Back in high school, we read about  The Little Prince by ‎Antoine de Saint-Exupéry so I am curious about this place aside from the fact that a lot of my favorite Korean TV dramas such as Beethoven Virus, Secret Garden and My Love from the Star and the variety show such as Running Man were filmed here.  The latest K-drama filmed here was The Liar and His Lover.

P1170649P1170510 As the name implies, Petite France is a small French culture village which consists of colorful clusters of buildings which comprises of St. Exupery’s Memorial Hall, antique gallery, French traditional house gallery, fountain plaza, guignol theater, outdoor theater, and Orgel house.  There is also a restaurant, an outdoor cafe, as well as an observatory. Near the entrance, you will easily find the outdoor theater. Namsan Tower is famous for its love locks, here in Petite France they have love bells.


Outdoor Theater
Outdoor Theater of Petite France

P1170592 P1170589 P1170624


Bells of Love at Petite France


Even as a child, I did not develop interest in playing dolls. I prefer furry stuffed toys or my pet dog over Barbie dolls. So when I went inside the House of European Dolls, I did not stay long because these kind of things sort of scares me and they remind me of Chucky, but for the sake of blogging, I still took pictures and hurriedly went out before I got paranoid that they will come to life and run after me haha!


Continuing my tour, I went to the fountain plaza where you will find St. Exupery Memorial Hall, Beyond store (a cosmetic brand being endorsed by Kim Soo Hyun of the famous My Love from the Star), a gift shop and a canteen.

Fountain Plaza of Petite France
Fountain Plaza of Petite France
St. Exupery Memorial Hall
St. Exupery Memorial Hall

P1170555P1170560P1170565P1170568Inside the French Traditional House Gallery, aside from the furniture found in the living room and bedroom, there are delicate and beautifully crafted plates hanging on the wall of the dining room.

French Traditional House Gallery
French Traditional House Gallery

P1170596P1170600P1170602Next to the French traditional house is another building where the Korean TV Drama “Beethoven Virus”  was filmed. This starred Jang Geun Suk who plays the role of a music genius.

Film Location of Beethoven Virus
Film Location of Beethoven Virus

P1170608During the time Running Man was filmed here with my favorite members of 2PM, Nichkhun and Taecyeon, I remembered Ji Hyo going to the observatory to find the Little Prince’s robe to complete the mission. I went inside out of curiosity and found paintings on the walls near the stairways.

Petite France’s Observatory
Inside the observatory
Inside the observatory

There is also a miniature version of Eiffel Tower right next to the event hall. My favorite part of Petite France is near the outdoor theater where you will find assorted flowers at the bottom of the stairs amidst the backdrop of colorful buildings and my favorite statue would be that of the Little Prince standing on a globe while holding onto stringed birds. I took a couple more pictures before heading out for Nami Island. You can explore Petite France in just 30 minutes but if you want to do it leisurely including taking a break in their cafeteria or taking detailed pictures (because almost everything is picture-worthy), one to two hours would be enough.P1170638P1170628Address: 1063, Hoban-ro, Cheongpyeong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 가평군 청평면 호반로 1063

Operating Hours: 09:00-18:00 (Last admission: 1 hour before closing.)

Admission Fees: Adults: 10,000 won  |  Middle & High School Students: 7,000 won  |  36 months/Elementary Students: 5,000 won.

Directions:  Ride the metro subway going to Gapyeong Station. From there, you can either ride a taxi, local bus or the tourist bus. Here are the details on how to go to Petite France.

You may visit the following links for more details:


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