[Event] Asia’s Got Talent

Believe it or not, it was just tonight that I watched this very popular contest. I was just taking a break from writing another entry for my blog regarding my Seoul trip and my mom was watching a replay of Asia’s Got Talent‘s May 7 telecast. I do not usually watch television as I am always glued to my laptop watching online Korean dramas but I got curious about it since I watched one of the Filipino finalists, the Junior New System, in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. So I stayed and watched their performances and I got awed and felt so proud of how talented these four Filipino grand finalists are.

El Gamma Penumbra‘s performance about Mother Nature brought me to tears. I never thought a shadow performance which I saw for the first time would affect me that much, but it did indeed move me.  I saw the previous performances of Junior New System through Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho and I admire these young men for overcoming their obstacles to pursue their goals and support their families by flipping their way and landing successfully into the grand finals. Gerphil Flores truly has a golden voice and indeed worthy to become a diva when she sang her version of The Impossible Dream and there is the young Gwyneth Dorado‘s powerful vocals with her version of Titanium.

I know I have always talked about Korean stuff but I am still proud of my roots. The Philippines may have been a Third World country but Filipino talents are world-class!  If you agree with me, please support and vote for El Gamma Penumbra, Junior New System,Gwyneth Dorado and Gerphil Flores until 23:59 today (Monday, May 11).

I will not be able to describe their great performances in a detailed way, so let the following videos prove them to you:

You may visit the following websites for further details. Voting is until 23:59 today (Monday, May 11).



You may also follow Asia’s Got Talent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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