Spring 2015 at Yeouido Hangang Park

Living in a tropical country such as the Philippines where only dry and wet season occurs for the most part of the year, I have always been curious about autumn and spring season. When thinking about spring, cherry blossoms will always come first on my mind. To be able to see these heavenly-looking flowers in my dream destination, Seoul in South Korea, was truly an exciting and memorable experience for me.

On March 16, the cherry blossoms forecast was released. The expected blooming date for cherry blossoms in Seoul was April 9 and the average date was April 10 with a two-day margin of error. I was delighted that they bloomed earlier than expected because they are already in their majestic splendor when I arrived in Seoul on April 5! ^_^

One of the best and famous spots in Seoul to experience cherry blossoms is Yunjung-ro road at Yeouido Hangang Park. The road is lined up of more than a thousand cherry trees which are around 30 to 40 years old. Aside from the cherry blossoms, there are also other flowers that can be seen in this area including azaleas, forsythias and spireas.  

When I went there, it was crowded with tourists and Seoulites even if it was a weekday. It was also quite windy and chilly but the road remained clear of petals from the trees.  The cherry trees provided a white canopy above our heads and it made the atmosphere a little dreamy for me because it was really beautiful! ^_^

Yeouido Hangang Spring Festival 1

Yeouido Hangang Spring Festival 3

Yeouido Hangang Spring Festival 4

Yeouido Hangang Spring Festival 5

Yeouido Hangang Spring Festival 7

Yeouido Hangang Spring Festival 8

Yeouido Hangang Spring Festival 9

 Yeouido Hangang Spring Festival 10

 Yeouido Hangang Spring Festival 11

Yeouido Hangang Spring Festival 12

Yeouido Hangang Spring Festival 13

Yeouido Hangang Spring Festival 14

Directions:  How I got there from Myeongdong: I took line 9 National Assembly Station exit 1. I crossed the road towards National Assembly and then turned right.

Admission: Free

Visit these web sites for more details:





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