CNBLUE LIVE Can’t Stop Tour in Manila

It has been more than a week but I have not completely moved on yet. It is the kind of feeling you usually have when you invested your emotions on someone longer than that someone made you happy. You are thankful that someone came to your life even if it is just for awhile and you know you have to let go, but the memories you shared still linger and you want to hold on to that. I know it sounds cheesy, forgive me! So let me hold on to these memories a little longer and share my CNBLUE LIVE Can’t Stop in Manila experience!

It has been raining nonstop since the night before the concert until the concert day itself. I know it will still push through despite the bad weather but I did not expect that the aftereffect would be really bad. Classes had been suspended and a lot of people were not able to go to work because a lot of places were flooded. The rain stopped but due to the flood, a lot of Filipino Boices (CNBLUE fans) were not able to attend the concert.

I saw Boices armed with umbrellas and wearing water walking boots and jackets. As for us, we wore rain coats as the wind was blowing really hard and our umbrellas were not enough to protect us from getting wet. I’ve heard some even crossed the flooded streets just to attend the concert. Indeed, even Mario (the storm) “Can’t Stop” the Boices from watching this very talented band perform.

CN is an abbreviation of Code Name and BLUE is an abbreviation of each members’ personalities.  Burning represents Lee Jong-hyun  (lead guitar and vocals), Lovely represents Kang Min Hyuk (drums and vocals), Untouchable represents Lee Jung Shin (bass guitar and vocals) and Emotional represents Jung Yong Hwa (lead vocals and rhythm guitar).

“Burning” Lee Jong-hyun (lead guitar and vocals)
“Lovely” Kang Min Hyuk (drums and vocals)
“Untouchable” Lee Jung Shin (bass guitar and vocals)
“Emotional” Jung Yong Hwa (lead vocals and rhythm guitar).

The stage and light effects for Can’t Stop concert were superb!



CNBLUE started with Time is Over, followed by Diamond Girl and Intuition.



CNBLUE introduced themselves by speaking English and Filipino which made us really happy!

Here is the corrected version of their introduction:

CNBLUE:  Kami ang CNBLUE (We are CNBLUE)!

Yong Hwa:  CNBLUE is back in Manila. Thank you very much. It’s just one year from Blue Moon to Can’t Stop. It’s good to see you again.  Let us introduce ourselves.

Jung Shin: Kumusta ka? Kamusta ka Manila? Ako si Jung Shin! (How are you Manila?! I’m Jung Shin). Good to see you. Thank you very much. Yeah (thumbs up sign).

Jong Hyun:  Kumusta? Ako si Jong Hyun. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat. (How are you? I’m Jong Hyun. Thank you everyone!)

Min Hyuk:  Kumusta? Ako si Min Hyuk.  Salamat sa pagpunta nyo dito kahit may bagyo. Salamat! (How are you? I’m Min Hyuk. Thank you for coming here even if there is a storm. Thank you).

Yong Hwa: Kumusta? Ako si Yong Hwa. Mamimiss ko kayong lahat! (How are you? I’m Yong Hwa. I will miss all of you!)

After their introduction, they sang more of their hit songs. Yong Hwa did freestyle beatbox for LOVE and he played the keyboards for These Days and My Miracle while he and Jong Hyun sang together.  Jong Hyun continued singing with his silky voice for Blind Love.  They heightened the crowd’s energy back with Robot and In My Head.

“Masaya ba kayo?” 

Yong Hwa:  Are you guys having fun? Masaya ba kayo? (Are you happy?)

Boices: “Yes!!!”

Yong Hwa: Ako din (Me too). (Then he approached Jung Shin)

Jung Shin: Ako din. (Me too).

“Are you ready?”

Jung Shin and Min Hyuk conversed with each other while the other band members prepared for the next song, I’m a Loner. They seem really close and you can see how Yong Hwa looked fondly at Jung Shin. So cute maknae! While the three of them were immersed with each other, Jong Hyun just sat quietly in a corner.

While Yong Hwa was singing the intro for I’m a Loner, Min Hyuk was busy putting balm on his lips. He is now well known as Boy Lip Balm to Filipino Boices. I am even using lip balm more often now since I became aware of this. He is very influential haha!

I’m a Loner is their lead single for their first mini album in Korea and this song paved the way for their success. It is a very catchy song and if you are familiar with it, you can’t help but sing along like we did during the concert. I am sure I have gotten a lot of mispronounced and incorrect words most of the time while I did that haha!

After I’m a Loner, CNBLUE also sang Coffee Shop, I’m Sorry and Lady. Yong Hwa’s dancing skills have greatly improved compared to last year but I still can’t help but smile whenever I watch my fan videos especially when he faces Jung Shin while he made the dance moves as if saying, “Can you do this?!” Yong Hwa is the band’s leader but he still sometimes acts like a child. Yong Hwa choding is really cute! ^_^


For me, I’m Sorry highlighted their skills as musicians. This is one of my favorite performances that night.  They wowed and got us hyped up. Who would have thought Araneta Coliseum was not even filled that night with all the screaming from the Boices who braved the tough weather just to watch CNBLUE live?! Daebak CNBLUE! Daebak Boices!

Aside from Diamond Girl, they also sang Cold Love,Sleepless NightCan’t Stop, and Like a Child from their Can’t Stop album. They ended with Try Again, Smile Again then for their encore, they sang Wake Up. During Love Girl, Jong Hyun played the drums with Min Hyuk which made the crowd screaming with excitement!


CNBLUE’s youngest member, JungShin, celebrated his birthday during the concert with cake and balloons.  I think he was pleased to see Simba, his new pet, on his cake too.


“Very very mahal kita. Very very salamat!”

(I love you and thank you very much!)

Their last song was Love Light. Yong Hwa thanked the fans for a great concert even though the weather is bad. He said he will pray for us. He promised that they will come back and even did a pinky swear sign when he said this. During this song, Jung Shin and Min Hyuk made cute funny faces in front of the camera which made us even more ecstatic despite our sadness because the concert was about to end.

Hope to see CNBLUE again really soon for another epic concert! Even though we can’t get over Can’t Stop yet, at least we know we can have another concert to look forward to, right Boices?

Missed the concert? Or you miss CNBLUE like I do? I uploaded my fan cam or videos of Can’t Stop Tour in Manila here.

Want to know about my Blue Moon experience? You can read it here.


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