Eyes, Nose, Lips

“I’d rather we be dead to each other. No eulogies said for each other. No rest in peace’s. The memory’s got my chest in pieces.”

“You wish me well…I wish you hell…” 

Tablo’s version of Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips is dark, strong and full of anguish. It will definitely make an impact the first time you listen to it and you will end up playing it over and over again, just like me. The song was so addicting, I cannot let this night go without sharing my thoughts on it. 

For me, this collaboration turned out awesome. Despite the use of simple words, the meaning it conveyed is far beyond being plain.

Taeyang singing at the end of this song will not fail to make you feel the sorrow and sadness of the song. It was beautifully heartbreaking…

Credit to: Teddy, Dee.P, Rebecca Johnson, Taeyang, Tablo, Epik High, YG Entertainment


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