2NE1 AON in Manila

It has been more than a week since 2NE1 All or Nothing concert here in Manila was held but the memory of my anticipation of the concert and the concert itself are still fresh in my mind.  I remember how disappointed my concert buddy, Sandie, and I felt when we were informed that the seats we wanted were already sold out.  We went excitedly after work to SM MOA Arena to buy our tickets after two days of the official release but we went home empty handed.  I can still remember how nerve wracking it was to buy our tickets online after I saw that the seats we wanted from being available to being unavailable after a few minutes, then becoming available again after you refresh the site. I was afraid we might encounter a glitch due to heavy site traffic and get charged for seats that have been sold to another person.  After months of anticipation, May 17, 2014 finally came! My friends kept asking me about my plans for my birthday and I told them nothing because I got myself a gift and will have a post celebration party with 2NE1.  Imagine the look on my friends’ faces who are not into K-Pop, they might have thought I’m really going through a crisis considering my age, a true late bloomer indeed hahaha ^_^ !

Since we have reserved seats, my friends and I went to Mall of Asia Arena and lined up around 6:30 p.m.  There are still a lot of people outside so we were able to get in between 7:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.  It was already full but it was a relief that our seats were near the entrance so it was not hard to find, and they’re not taken as I previously feared of because of the site’s traffic while I was purchasing our tickets online (now that’s a proof that smtickets.com is reliable ^_^).  2NE1’s music videos were being shown while the Filipino Blackjacks sang along and some of the fan girls gave a few squeals too whenever they saw the cute and sexy dancers in the music videos.  We saw the LED clappers that 2ne1ph prepared per audience. It was my first time to see these but since I was able to read their announcement and instructions on Facebook, I was not taken aback on how to use it. I am so glad and grateful that 2ne1ph came up with this idea, really nice!

2ne1ph LED clappers
2NE1 LED Clappers

Then after a couple of minutes, the lights were out, the countdown began, and the stage cover was removed!  We screamed our hearts out as we excitedly wait for the girls to appear on stage and then finally CL, Dara, Bom and Minzy appeared wearing their sexy red, black and gold outfit.

2NE1 performing “Pretty Boy”

They sang songs from their new Album, Crush. They also sang their hit songs from their previous albums like Fire, Pretty Boy, I am the Best, Ugly, I Don’t Care, etc.  I know they will still perform in other countries so I will not go into details about their set list though I know this will possibly be posted on other websites and blog. I have uploaded my personal fan cams on YouTube too, but not all of it so there will still be more for the other fans in other countries to look forward to. I am sure, 2NE1 will come up with a different surprise for their fans in other countries, so I hope they will enjoy it as much as we did here :-)

2NE1 singing
2NE1 singing “Come Back Home”
2NE1 performing
2NE1 performing “I am the Best”

The newest boy group of YG Entertainment, WINNER, also came as the special guests for this concert.  They sang Go Up and Just Another Boy.  I can tell how much the fans loves 2NE1 but I can’t helped but be amazed at how intense the fans screamed when the boys appeared.  Hmmm, they will probably become famous like their seniors (Bigbang, 2NE1, Se7en, Psy, Tablo etc.) in just a matter of time.

2NE1 AON Manila32-001
Winner performing “Go Up” and “Just Another Boy”

Then 2NE1 came back and continued with their awesome performance. They even had surprise guests and the crowd went wild as each member did a lap dance for each of the guests.  The party went on with conversations in between like Dara’s version of “Boom Panes” informing Bom and Minzy that this is the latest craze here in the Philippines.  They even convinced CL to do her version of this when initially she turned it down.  Dara said, she was very happy because they are finally back.  She wanted to let her team members see how beautiful our country is.  She wanted to let them experience how kind the Filipinos are. Lastly, she wanted them to try our delicious food. She asked Bom and Minzy their favorite food here in the Philippines. Both of them said “gambas” and the crowd were puzzled.  I was expecting Filipino food to be mentioned, then Dara said, “Gambas, di nyo alam yun?” (You don’t know what gambas is?) making the crowd roar with laughter. Minzy said she likes mango shake and dried mango too.  Dara loves Jollibee and she informed the fans they had Jollibee Kids Party too the previous day as posted on her Instagram account.

Then after this, CL performed her solo song. She was fierce and sexy and I really love her! She is really awesome!

Then a couple more hit songs and then the encore. Since 2NE1 is celebrating their 5th anniversary here in the Philippines, Dara’s second hometown, the fans prepared cakes for them. The members playfully put icings on each other’s faces while CL, the leader, thanked the fans, saying, “We never could have made it this far if not for you guys. So the 5th anniversary is all because of you guys.” She also mentioned how thankful they are to their staff, crew, managers and hot dancers who have always been there for them.  She introduced them on stage and they were applauded and welcomed warmly by the fans.

Filipino Blackjacks celebrated with 2NE1 on their 5th anniversary with colorful cakes

Lastly, Dara gave in to their fans’ request and sang “In or Out,” which is the song she recorded while she had a career as an artist here in the Philippines and before she went back to Korea to establish her career there.   Indeed, she knows how to keep her feet on the ground despite her achievements.  She is now the famous Dara of 2NE1 but she will remain our “Pambansang Krung Krung”. Bom, Minzy, CL and the dancers also performed with her and made the crowd really happy with Bom saying, “Mahal ko kayo” and doing Dara’s signature hand wave.

There were a few funny but lovable moments during this performance. CL was clueless about the dance steps but managed to learn them before it ended, Bom and Minzy accidentally bumped into each other but continued performing as if nothing happened, and Dara forgot some of the lyrics of her song too.

After “In or Out.”
CL: “This is not fair, ’cause I didn’t learn the dance.”
Dara: “You were in the restroom.” Sorry (smiling cutely so she will be forgiven)

Overall, it was a great night as we party with 2NE1 and celebrated with them on their 5th anniversary. It was more memorable as Dara considers the Philippines as her second hometown too.  We hope to have them back soon! Seeing how successful the concert was, I hope it will pave way for more Korean artists to perform here in  the Philippines too. Thank you Pulp, Ms. Happee, 2ne1ph and all of the people who made this event possible.  More concerts please! :-)


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