Philippine K-Pop Convention 8

Philippine K-Pop Convention is one of the biggest event of the year for Filipino K-Pop fans. I had a great time when I first attended this event three years ago where Lunafly, LC9, A.cian and Boyfriend were the main guests. I enjoyed fangirling over Lunafly and since then, their songs and cover songs have been a part of my mp3 playlist. It was also fun to check out the booths of each local fan clubs where they sell various merchandises and albums.  I skipped joining this event for two years because I felt too old already haha! However, when we were tasked to cover this event as global correspondents for KPopChannel.TV  I was able to find an excuse to attend this event again!

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Haeundae Guesthouse in Busan, South Korea

I always wanted my trips to be organized but sometimes I have to let nature take its course and just enjoy the moment and veer away from the norm. This is my second time to go on a trip without making any prior reservation for accommodation. Our Busan trip was a spur-of-the moment decision so it was a good thing that I have read about Haeundae Guesthouse while preparing for our trip last year.


They were able to accommodate us as a walk-in. Upon inquiring for available room, we were told that we will be assigned to a room for 4 persons but we were only charged ₩66,000 (around P2800) for 3 persons since it was just the three of us who will be staying in one room.  The receptionist was also very friendly and knows how to speak English well.  She was also very helpful in assisting us on how to go to the major tourist spots in Busan. Continue reading “Haeundae Guesthouse in Busan, South Korea”

My Happiest Memory in Seoul

I have been to South Korea three times since 2015 and every trip is memorable because I have always had new experiences each time. Seoul will always be my happy place so wherever I go, whoever I’m with and whatever I do, I will  always be happy just by being there but if I were to choose only one, my happiest memory in Seoul so far was the time I spent with CNBLUE where my friends and I have experienced our best fangirling moments for almost 24 hours with our favorite Korean band!

Digital Media City in Sanggam
Digital Media City in Sangam

I have met and heard stories about fellow fangirls who would fly to Korea or anywhere else in the world just to watch the concerts and participate in fan meeting of their favorite K-Pop idols. Unfortunately, that would also equate to spending a lot of money so it was through sheer luck that our travel dates, which we have meticulously planned a couple of months ahead, coincided with the promotion of CNBLUE’s latest album, Blueming. We were able to attend their recording for music shows such as MNET M! Countdown and SBS Inkigayo and we were also able to participate in their mini fan meeting for FREE!!! Continue reading “My Happiest Memory in Seoul”

How to Travel from Seoul to Busan by Bus

There are other options to travel from Seoul to Busan. While KTX remains the first option that I have often read in other blogs, traveling by bus is cheaper and convenient as well.

Since budget is one of the most important thing I always consider when I travel, I would always look for a more affordable alternative. I was reluctant to push through with our trip to Busan because it was unplanned but since my friends were also eager to check out South Korea’s second largest city and since I am a big fan of CNBLUE  (Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun are from Busan), I got swayed and gave in but I insisted that we travel by bus which is 50% cheaper compared to KTX with only less than 2 hours difference in travel time. We are so used to getting stuck in traffic in Manila so the time difference did not bother us at all.   Continue reading “How to Travel from Seoul to Busan by Bus”

Zaza Backpackers in Seoul

On my first trip to Seoul, I booked my accommodation at Zaza Backpackers. I have a friend who is a loyal client of them. She gave positive feedback about them and she always stay here whenever she goes to Seoul. Since I am a solo traveler on a budget, her feedback made me feel at ease even if it was also my first time to stay in a dorm room.  However, upon arrival, they referred me to Myeongdong Global Hostel so I was not able to stay with them.

On my second trip to Seoul in November 2015, I traveled with my college friends. I suggested that we stay at Zaza Backpackers.  I am curious as to why they gained my friend’s loyalty and I was confident at the same time that my friends and I will have a pleasant stay here too. Continue reading “Zaza Backpackers in Seoul”

Hooked on Smule

My friend told me about Smule which is an application where you can sing and record songs as solo or as a collaboration. What’s great about it is there are also non-English songs including Korean and Japanese songs which I can sing along with other like-minded individuals.

I am currently watching Entertainer (딴따라), the latest Korean TV drama featuring CNBLUE‘s drummer, Kang Min Hyuk. As usual with every Korean TV drama that I am watching, there is always at least more than one song from the sound track that would call my attention. So last night, I downloaded Smule and I got so excited when I saw that most of the songs from the Entertainer OST and some of my favorite Koreanovela OST are also available there.

Entertainer (딴따라, romanized as Ddanddara) Photo courtesy of SBS.


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CNBLUE Blueming at SBS Inkigayo

We were so high from our close encounter with CNBLUE during their comeback stage for MNET M! Countdown and mini fan meeting so we decided that we will take another risk and see if we can get another chance to watch their recording for SBS Inkigayo which was scheduled that night.

Immediately after CNBLUE’s mini fan meeting, we went directly to SBS Prism Tower which is just walking distance from CJ E&M Building. We really do not know what was bound to happen or what were the requirements, we just patiently waited and prayed that another luck would befall on us.

After a few hours, the same FNC staffs who had the checklist of official members who registered online instructed us to line up. It was hard to communicate because they were talking in Korean even though majority of the fans are foreigners. We heaved a sigh of relief when they checked the numbers written on our wrists. They crossed out the previous numbers which we had from M! Countdown and wrote new numbers on our wrists for the SBS Inkigayo recording.  We’re in!  ^_^

SBS Prism Tower
SBS Prism Tower

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CNBLUE Blueming at MNET M! Countdown

It was not planned nor expected. It just happened. It was like a dream.  It was meant to be…

That was how my friends and I felt when our travel dates coincided with CNBLUE‘s comeback schedule with their 6th mini album Blueming. CNBLUE had been to Manila for Blue Moon World Tour and Can’t Stop World Tour but Philippines was not included in their Come Together concert tour last year. There were a lot of things that happened which almost got our trip cancelled due to personal reasons but it turned out to be one of the best trip we all had because we were able to watch our favorite band perform live!

CNBLUE Blueming Version A
CNBLUE Blueming Version A

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Fangirling over CNBLUE

I keep coming back to South Korea because there is so much more to see and do especially in Seoul. But aside from immersing myself in Korean culture and visiting tourist spots, part of my itinerary would always include something related to K-Pop. CNBLUE is one of my favorite band and that would be quite obvious now if you have been frequenting this blog as well as my Instagram and YouTube channel.

Last year, I went to Bukchon Hanok Village where Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye’s houses were located in the Korean drama Heartstrings and at Namsan Tower where CNBLUE filmed Running Man Episode 186 .  I also went to K-Star Road  and FNC Entertainment.  I also ate at Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe owned by Jong Hyun, Hwang’s Eel Restaurant owned by Min Hyuk’s father, and Miss Lee Cafe where Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun had one of their dates in We Got Married. All those times, I was updating my friends and it feels surreal that we were able to fangirl over CNBLUE together in Korea this year!

On this trip, we went to Gwangjang Market, K-Star Road, FNC Entertainment, Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe, Hwang’s Eel Restaurant and MBC Star Street. You might also be interested about our MNET M! Countdown and SBS Inkigayo experience where we were able to interact with CNBLUE so I wrote separate articles on those so I can share the details with you!  ^_^


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Cheese in the Trap: Episode 7 Summary

Last episode had a lot of tender moments for Yoo Jung and Seol.  How can someone be so drunk and still look cute?  I guess that is possible for Seol.  How can you not be tempted to kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend when you are in the same room?  I believe TRUE LOVE CAN WAIT.  They just started dating, so no need to rush things, right?  We also get to understand how the characters in this drama struggled with their own lives and how they managed to cope up.  We get to see how the simplest things or deed can make someone happy and see someone in a new light despite how things started off at the wrong foot.  Although in some circumstances, it can negatively influence others like Oh Young Gon who reappeared and started harassing Seol again to the point that he even caused In Ho to lose his job at the tutorial center.

Seol was packing her things to move out from her room near her school to live back to her parents’ house to save money for her and her brother’s tuition fee.  Her friends Bora and Eun Taek went to help her and even brought Yoo Jung with them.  Since she had done most of the packing, they went out to eat at the nearby pub.  They met In Ho and Jun on their way there and they joined them.

Cheese in the Trap Episode 7 Summary_LeiTbloomer 22

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